Ghanaian musician, Okomfo Kwadee, overrun? Accra recently for a special interaction with a section of the media who wondered if he?s okay and ready for the music business.

wpid-OKOMFOUR-KWADEE.jpgApart from the fact that he is now releasing singles and preparing to release an album by the middle of the year, he is also embarking on lots of special projects.

According to the celebrated musician, the project that is dearest to his heart is an Anti-Gay campaign.

According to Kwadee, homosexuality is one of the dangerous things we shouldn?t joke with as a people.

?You could see that homosexuality is gradually spreading, and if we don?t campaign against it, it might get out of hand? Kwadee lamented.

?Whenever one violates the natural or moral order established by God, you sin and offends God. ?Same-sex marriage? does just this,”Kwadee stated.

He said “anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it.

He confirmed that he will soon launch the official campaign.



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