Ghana is in a transition! It is now the age of perverts! The perverted country, Ghana! In Ghana today, it is now the debate on homosexuality! People have now become so embolden that they are lobbying for the recognition of gay rights in Ghana, Africa! Homosexuality in Ghana! Time does indeed change! That is the price we have to pay for democracy and acculturation!

Ghanaians are now advocating for the acknowledgement of gay rights! The new Ghana! This is an issue that requires that we do away with any form of double standards! If indeed we have values or principles as a nation, and as a people, homosexuality should not be entertained or encouraged! No form of homosexuality should be encouraged in this country! This is an issue that goes against our very existence and substance as humans! I have said this before, and would again; animals are setting better examples! Human are supposed to be at the top of the hierarchy of the animal kingdom but rather sadly, we keep sinking to the bottom each day! What is the difference between humans and animals? It is our ability to exercise a bit of self-control, and our ability to dissent good from bad, right from wrong! Are there homosexual animals apart from humans? The lesser animals are better than us all! Homosexuality is an animalistic behaviour!

There have been diverse reactions to this issue of gay rights. This is because globally, several countries are endorsing the recognition of gay rights! Our late president declared his position on this issue several months before his death. As a country, our customs or traditions see this as a taboo! The modern Ghanaian however, is in the phase of acculturation, and so, homosexuality! We have been preaching about democracy and human rights to the extent that homosexuals in this country are being empowered!

The time has come that as a country; clarity is given on this issue of homosexuality! This issue has been debated for far too long! It does not need to be given further discussions! What does the law of Ghana have to say? If there is none, then we seriously need to enact one! Our laws must speak! Our laws should be emphatic! We keep talking about it, the lip service as usual! More needs to be done! Our law should be binding! No gay rights! No homosexuality! If there are no laws binding, then on what grounds do we fight this social evil?

Each day, more homosexuals troupe into this country. These are the problems confronting many developing nations! As long as we encourage tourism and investment in this country, our doors will forever be open to homosexual tourists, migrants, immigrants and business men and women! Our government goes out soliciting for loans, aid or other forms of funding from these very people! For these reasons, they look on unconcerned! It is as if the problem does not exist! Is it then surprising that there has been an influx, and now, advocacy? Absolutely not! This country keeps borrowing from foreign donors! Who are these donors? What is their interest? What are the terms and conditions for these loans? Homosexuality perhaps? If we love their money, then we might as well gladly go to bed with them!

The real problem is how to fight this cancer! I am personally of the opinion that our rich older men and women in our society are the main perpetrators! Our youth are being enticed with money, jobs and greener pastures! In our major cities, this is a very serious issue confronting our youth! That is the sad reality! Sexual corruption, in the form of homosexuality! For the struggling youth, that is the only way out! As a country, we need to find a more stringent approach to tackling this development issue! For a fact, a lot of our influential people in society are the masterminds! They have been in the closet for practically, their entire existence, and are now finding ways to legitimize this orgy, as advocates! Such people ought to be decried! Homosexuality is a bane! Homosexuality goes contrary to the purpose of man?s existence and so, must neither be condoned nor connived! In as much as we strive for the recognition of the rights of all, there are limitations! However liberal we might want to be seen, homosexuality is a matter of values and principles! As humans, and as a country or continent, Ghana has her values which must supersede all other things! Our values as a nation, and as a continent, do not acknowledge homosexuality, and all other forms of sexual malfunctions! It is only a matter of time that people would be advocating for that of humans and animals!

I live in fear of the future! What does the future hold for this nation? What does the future hold for our younger ones? For a fact, Africa as a continent is boldly against any form of homosexuality. Our traditions and values as a continent set us apart; it is binding! These are the elements of our culture that we all need to strive to uphold! We can tolerate acculturation in several forms, but certainly, not homosexuality! Yes, homosexuals might enjoy their fundamental rights as humans, but their sexual desires in totality, goes contrary to any acceptable and comprehensible human behaviour! They should for the sake of decency, stay behind the closet! At least, animals are sticking to the original plan for which they were created! If anyone thinks differently, I stand to be corrected!

Anna Esi Hanson (nnhanson2@yahoo.com), Takoradi credited to Cosmos Azprila Segbefia.

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