Honorable Sanie’s Blame Game of Government Lacking Funding for Our Road: A Testament of Victim Mentality

Honorable Sanie
Honorable Sanie

It’s easy to point fingers and play the blame game when things go wrong, but it takes real courage and leadership to take responsibility for one’s actions and work towards finding solutions. Unfortunately, it seems that Honorable Sanie has been more interested in playing the victim than taking accountability for the state of our bad roads.

For years now, we’ve been living with the consequences of poorly maintained roads. Potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces have become a daily hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike. Not only do these road conditions make for an uncomfortable ride, but they also damage our vehicles and cause accidents. Despite the outcry from the public, Honorable Sanie, the touted as most connected and emerging lobbyist, he has done little to address this issue. And now, Honorable Sanie has the audacity to play the victim and blame the circumstances he created. It’s time to hold our leaders accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. Honorable Sanie has been in power for the last two and half years, and during that time, our roads have only gotten worse. He cannot blame his previous MP for the current state of affairs. It’s time for him to take responsibility for the current state of our roads and work towards finding solutions.

Secondly, blaming external factors such as weather or lack of funding is not an excuse for neglecting our roads. Every government has to deal with these challenges, but good leadership means finding creative ways to overcome them. Honorable Sanie should be working with his team to come up with solutions, not pointing fingers.

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that fixing our roads will not be an easy or quick task. However, it’s a problem that affects the daily lives of thousands of people, and we deserve better. It’s time for Honorable Sanie to stop playing the victim and start working towards finding long-term solutions to this issue.

In conclusion, Honorable Sanie needs to understand that as a leader, he is accountable to the people he serves. It’s time to stop blaming external factors and take responsibility for the current state of our roads. We deserve better, and it’s time for our leaders to step up and work toward finding solutions.

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  1. He’s only filling his sack with cash at the expense of the good people of mpohor constituents. We shall change the change. He’s not a serious man

  2. i have been saying the time is never reached for us to go on polls.

    And we are still preparing for his exit for coming 2024 Parliamentary polls.


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