Without a change in leadership why would the past four years be any different from the next four years? ? Mitt Romney.

The foregone is as applicable in the US as it is in Ghana, if not more. When Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential Candidate for the forthcoming elections in the US, posed the rhetorical question to his change-yearning compatriots, he had added more fuel to the already blazing American politics.

For us in Ghana, it is even more applicable given the past four years of stagnation and deteriorating of fiscal management.

For the past four years, we have had to weather the storm of economic uncertainties even as the carrot of Utopia and a distant ?Better Ghana Agenda? was dangled in front of us in a well-choreographed enactment.

Politics of deceit seems to be gaining a foothold in our democracy, and it is this which the ruling NDC has depended upon over the years.

One of the most significant aspects of democracy is that it allows the electorate, when they regret their action in voting a particular political party to power, to reverse the verdict when the opportunity knocks once more.

We have reached that stage, and we have the constitutionally-mandated opportunity of changing the government or retaining it. Such power of the thumb can either be used well or badly. When it is used wisely, the benefits are invaluable, but regrettable when done badly.

Ghanaians are at the crossroads. They have in front of them an opportunity to change the course of their country?s history by taking the critical decision of appointing the political grouping with the most appealing and sincere programmes to move the country forward.

These are not times for empty rhetoric or name-calling. Ghanaians want a restoration of confidence in the economy of the country whose tattered state and posture of hopelessness is profound. We have had enough of the empty rhetoric whose inability to put bread and butter on our dining tables is vivid.

The past four years have been punctuated by unfulfilled promises and reckless disbursement of the contents of the public purse. Those entrusted with the management of the public kitty have not given a good testimony about their sincerity and we are hard-pushed, reposing further confidence in them.

Election 2012 is about how the economy and education have been managed at the hands of the NDC, the realities of which are available for the assessment of Ghanaians. Without a leadership change, how confident are we that the next four years would differ from the past four, especially since the so-called Mills? failed ?Better Agenda? style is the module of choice of the NDC.

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