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Hope Dims For Former MMDCEs As Ex Gratia Payment Delays

Mr Leo Nelson Adzidogah Former Mce Akatsi South
Mr Leo Nelson Adzidogah Former Mce Akatsi South

Former Municipal Chief Executive for Akatsi South, Mr. Leo-Nelson Adzidogah, has underscored the dire situation faced by some of the immediate past Municipal, Metropolitan, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), stressing that several have succumbed to health complications exacerbated by financial constraints hindering regular medical check-ups.

He emphasized that the unfortunate demise of these dedicated public servants could have been averted if adequate funds were available for their healthcare needs.

Mr. Adzidogah emphasized that addressing this issue should be paramount to the NPP party and the government they diligently served.

In a petition addressed to the Vice President and the Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Adzidogah highlighted the pressing need for the disbursement of End-of-Service Benefits (ESB) for the immediate past MMDCEs who served during the first term of President Akuffo Addo. He expressed concern over the sluggish manner in which these benefits were handled, comparing it unfavorably to the prompt attention given to former MMDCEs under former President John Mahama’s administration.

Expressing bitterness over what he perceives as total neglect by the government, Mr. Adzidogah pointed out that despite their dedicated efforts to ensure the party’s electoral success, former MMDCEs feel unrecognized and marginalized within party structures. Many actively participated as parliamentary candidates during the 2020 elections, vigorously campaigning to secure another mandate for the party.

In his plea to the Vice President, Mr. Adzidogah urged direct engagement with all immediate past MMDCEs to address their grievances and ensure their inclusion in party activities and programs. He stressed the importance of addressing seemingly minor issues that could impact the party’s electoral campaign, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to secure a smooth victory in upcoming elections.

Mr. Adzidogah suggested that End-of-Service Benefits be paid in full, including those for 2021, to provide financial relief and motivate former MMDCEs to engage actively in campaign activities.

Furthermore, he recommended that the NPP deploy effectively all former MMDCEs in collaboration with the party’s parliamentary candidates to bolster campaign efforts and secure resounding victories.

Concluding his petition with a plea for urgent action, Mr. Adzidogah expressed confidence in the Vice President’s commitment to inclusive governance and urged prompt attention to the issues raised. He also highlighted his contributions to the party, having been appointed by President Akuffo Addo and serving as the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for the Akatsi South constituency in the 2020 elections.

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