A UN-brokered peace deal between Houthi rebels and Yemen’s government has been signed while the Houthis have taken control of government buildings and a state radio and TV station in the capital, Sanaa.

Sunday’s agreement calls for the current government to rule in a caretaker role until a new administration is formed next month after consultations with all political parties.

Yemen’s President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi urged all sides to abide by the deal.

Journalist Peter Salisbury said the agreement aimed to get the Houthis to leave the capital. However a section which was not signed by the Houthis stipulated that they were to withdraw from Sanaa, Jawf and Amran within 45 days.

“The fighting didn’t stop because of the deal, but because the Houthis had achieved their military aims in Sanaa.”

He said clashes were ongoing in other parts of the country, including Maarib to east of the capital.

On Sunday the rebels took over government buildings in the capital including the defence ministry, the army headquarters, the parliament building, the central bank and the national radio station.


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