How CAF can improve the Africa Cup of Nations


Change is sometimes necessary and that is the case with CAF.

CAF has made several alterations to the Africa Cup of Nations management. However, there is room to make the tournament more awesome. And if you are following the ongoing 2022 AFCON tournament, you can start by checking out which African bookmakers have the best odds for your favourite teams and players. Here is a list of actions that CAF can undertake to improve the Africa Cup of Nations.

Intensive marketing

The Africa Cup of Nations will attract talented players and managers to make the championship more competitive with effective marketing strategies. Besides, proper marketing strategies will aid in attracting more spectators to the fields to improve gate collections. Good marketing skills will ensure that products like playing shoes and jerseys are sold. Intensive advertisement will expose this competition to international talents. This exposure will encourage talented players to remain in the continent rather than change their nationalities to go to foreign nations. Recently, CAF announced that all cautions in group stages matches to be waivered for teams that make it to playoffs.

Availing sufficient funds for the tournament

The success of an event is linked to the amount of funds available to run its affairs. Sufficient funds will ensure that the venues are well prepared, the players reach the stadia at the right time, and officials are well taken care of. The prize for the winning team needs to be revised based on the current economic conditions. Moreover, there is a need to reward all participants who qualify for the tournament. This act will give it another meaning of patriotism rather than simply a competition.

Referee training and re-training

The success of soccer events relies on the ability of event managers to put everything under control. Africa Cup of Nations is under the leadership of local-based officials. There is a need to take referees through refresher courses. This practice will enable them to acquire knowledge concerning current trends in soccer. FIFA often comes up with rules that should apply across all soccer competitions. Giving referees a chance for retraining will reduce obsolescence and produce the best from them. When referees have the correct information, managing games will be easy. Moreover, there will be few complaints from players and managers during events.

Intensified use of a video assistant referee (VAR)

Some actions occur so first that the on-field officials may not observe while the events are going on in the field. Modern soccer requires a qualified official who follows live games using several screens that can allow slow motions and replays to assist the on-field referee to make the right decisions. VAF enhances the quality of refereeing. We have witnessed this in other competitions where it eradicates instances where referees award soft penalties. There have also been occasions where VAR has stepped in to award penalties in 2022 AFCON. Similarly, in cases where strikers cheat while putting the ball away will be a thing of the past.

Home-grown talents

CAF should make a minimum number of home-grown players who must feature in the first team during the ongoing AFCON. This decision will enable the international clubs to spot upcoming players. There will be a balance between the number of players practicing their talent abroad and those who play in local clubs. African countries will set up academies to train players besides investing in local clubs. Additionally, local clubs will attract more talents from other nations who might change their nationalities to play for African countries.

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