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How can the use of Smartphones affect human health?


Africa needs technologies to develop its resources and meet the needs of today and its growth. The harmony of this development can be achieved if it does not rest on the real value of Africa. This value existed before the appearance of religion. We are not against religion but religion has led to the disappearance of African identity in favor of the total submission and obedience of the foreign religion. Its main function is to dominate. To the economic and social partners, their main idea is the loss of African cultural identity. This identity was the source of value and fulfillment of the African man through the development of spirituality, not of religion.

Africa will have in 2050 more than 2.5 billion inhabitants according to projections of the UN. In 2100 will be more than 4.5 billion or 40% of the world pollution. Half of the population will be under 25 years old. According to Jean Francois Kobiane Burkinabe demographer, associate professor at the universities of Ouagadougou and Montreal said “Time bomb or real opportunity for the continent?”This is a chance to be exploited” The majority of African countries must stop practicing “the approximate development,” imposed from outside Africa, based on a utopian value and whose consequences for Africa, continent of wealth, has become a continent of misery and few ambitious leaders. If Africa regains its values in the service of its community, Africa will become the torch of humanity.

Less than a year ago we shouted the alarm about the very harmful and deadly consequences of the use of laptops / celullaries, G5 and more, whatever their marks on the human being. This cry of distress was to be pushed by our governments seeking the welfare of their populations. By funding research studies of national, regional universities or sharing their research with other international universities on their consequences.

This neglect of our governments allows us to observe moreover the non reaction of the majority of the African governments in front of the urgent problems like the use of portables / cell phones, G5 and its consequences on the human being. In other countries, to govern is to predict. In the majority of African countries “Governing has become private property, negligence and its consequences.

By researching the use of G5 notebooks / cell phones on humans, we came across a new study by the “.EWG Science Team”. More than 40% of American children under 8 have their own tablets similar products. We need more research and more information, but the latest studies should sound the alarm for everyone. Most of the science focuses on old technology, such as 2G that links performance issues among teens and kids to the radiation problems of the cell phone and the long-term health risks: brain cancer and damage caused by spermatozoa. The research results published for the first time in 2015 confirms this.

Firefighters in California, the city of Los Angeles, in San Francisco and other cities have found, after the installation of 5G towers, near their stations, changes in behavior, psychic, very severe neurological damage, evils heads, insomnia, confusion and etc., ..

California has a population of 39,536,653, the most populous state of the United States. Metropolitan San Francisco has a population of 8.7 million and Los Angeles metropolitan 9.6 million. Several studies commissioned by the firefighting executive have confirmed during examinations, brain abnormalities and neurological deficits that have been mismatched, and California firefighters have complained and want to be exempted from the California law that would require the installation of 5G towers of their workplaces.

After studying the Californian firefighter’s complaint, the California government has agreed to no longer install G5 transmitters near fire stations. Firefighters said their symptoms had stopped, as the government ordered the removal of 5G tower facilities near fire stations.

Mr. Tom Wheeler, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission did not adequately consider the impact of 5G on health. Mr. Wheeler preferred avoiding security testing for economic growth as paramount. The milimetric frequencies in 5G are too low and the towers will have to be built every 305m. According to the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Mr. Tom Wheeler, millions of towers will be installed to cover all corners of the earth, a very toxic electromagnetic pollution. Microwaves, including severe neurological disorders have been considered since the 1950s as a perfect and very dangerous weapon for the military. The US Defense Intelligence Agency informs Western governments to keep this secret, so that they can protect industrial profits and military functions.

Mr. John Patterson, was a senior telecommunications officer for Telstra in Australia. Under his responsibility he has deployed thousands of Towers in Australia, when he was aware that these towers were capable of emitting 50,000 limits. He made a report to his superiors and was fired immediately. He took his friend’s tank and destroyed almost 8 tower sites and spent 20 months in prison and is proud of his act.

Dr. Devra Davis is an epidemiologist and expert in electromagnetic radiation. Professor of Medicine at Hadassah Medical School, Hebrew University and Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey.

Dr. Davis was the founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. She is an internationally recognized expert on the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones and other wireless devices, such as wireless routers. During a seminar on the effects of mobile phones and wireless radiation on health, organized by the University of Melbourne, Dr. Davis shouted the alarm on the harmful effect and risk of diseases that spreads over the human being. This situation is very preoccupying has given alertness in the scientific community. More than 200 scientists from more than 40 countries have petitioned Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. According to Dr. Davis, there are more than 2,000 peer-reviewed publications that raise many concerns about this topic.

Dr. Barrie Trower, the former MI5 scientist, worked for British intelligence, specializing in microwave warfare and microwave weapons. According to Dr. Barrie Trower, the British government advised his scientists “When it comes to microwave you will only talk about things related to heat, and that’s it. They will deny anything that has nothing to do with the heat. ” Dr. Barrie Trower said to protect their industries, profits and to protect themselves from litigation, most governments, English, American, Canadian, Australian and European lie. Dr. Barrie Trower continues to denounce that these governments think they are above all laws, manipulate everything. These are the same people who sit on the World Health Organization and many other institutions. According to the opinion Dr. Trower, they are there to commit the worst genocide that this world has ever seen, including animals, plants and worse than a world war.

With the findings of the discovery, governments can change pulse frequencies like the morse code of microwaves entering and interfering with the brain on the heart rate. This could induce psychiatric illnesses so that a psychiatrist will have to differentiate from a true psychiatric illness or induced psychiatric illness. According to Dr. Barrie Trower, when we target an individual’s brain “they may have auditory hallucinations where they hear things, which is actually quite common with microwaves. Or show signs of schizophrenia, for example 6.6 pulses per second can induce a serious sexual assault in men. It is to arrest someone and send them to a psychiatric hospital or a prison for a crime, simply by saying that he had a psychiatric problem when he was not.

John Goldsmith is Professor Emeritus Edward Carson Waller at the University of Chicago, Linguistics and Computer Science teacher, he published an outstanding report and noted that low-level microwaves caused a huge amount of cancer and leukemia and effects. Harmful, and yet everyone was jumping on microwaves like secret weapons since the 50s until today. Dr. Trower mentioned that “Americans used their own people as an initial guinea pig, to develop their own weapons. When we discovered what was happening, there is a denial that you always get, and then there was a coverage report. “Dr. Trower said, the majority of Western governments for their industries and profits are determined to spend their profits above all else.

They are very effective as secret weapons to get rid of an individual, a government that we like or dislike by giving them cancer: breast cancers, neurological diseases or diseases that you want them to get. During an interview Dr. Barrie Trower mentioned at the time of the Cold War that the US Embassy in Moscow was radiated. Most children have had leukemia, women have developed breast cancer, and men have developed cancer. About 18 months all the staff was changed and after 18 months they renewed another change. After people could see this ignoble act was happening. They were irradiated with microwaves.

This brings us back to rethinking the famine problems that prevail in many countries that want to be economically independent, by developing economic, social and technological programs based on the socio-cultural identity of the region value rather than basing themselves on values. One of the big problems and handicap to the development of Africa is not to recognize its African cultural identity and to accept it. In our opinion, the lack of cultural identity means that Africa has become a continent of war, of experimenting with problems. It is the most Balkanized continent and some of the continent’s sons are appointed promoters. Dr. Trower said to destroy an economy in a country that grows wheat for example is to project microwaves to the ionosphere, it’s an invisible cloud that forms around the planet. According to Dr. Trower, “these microwaves that rise at a given angle will reflect down on the country and if it continuously radiates wheat in that field or cattle or sheep, it can harm and, it can reduce the immune system of plants that will no longer be healthy and they will die. It can also slow down their growth and it can bring economic ruin in this country “.

The technology can target other parts of the body such as the heart to cause heart attacks, also lungs that trigger bleeding or glands that control our entire system. The human body is composed of 4500 different systems according to Dr. Trower and the technology can attack only one system or many of them. For example, the skin, the eye system, the eyes, the endocrine glands that would influence the hormones. Each system or part of the body has its frequency of reasoning. With microwaves we can affect human, animal and plant cells and affect the bacteria to carry the virus. When we target a country, destroy it, bring total economic ruin to these countries it is only necessary to introduce a bacterium or a virus that is sensitive to a particular impulse.

We can see that in 2017, the world report on food crises, about 124 million people living in 51 countries are in food insecurity crisis acute or worse. The most atrocious crises are in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Northeast Nigeria. These countries are in need of emergency assistance according to the Global Report on the 2018 Food Crises. In both editions, the Global Crisis Report shows an increase of 11 million, an increase of 11% for those requiring humanitarian action. This is due to the intensification of conflicts or insecurity in countries, such as Yemen, northern Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Myanmar. In eastern and southern Africa, persistent drought has also played a major role, resulting in consecutive crop reductions in countries already facing high levels of food insecurity. According to the Global Report on Food Crises 2018, climatic conditions, conflicts, as well as epidemics and limited access to basic health, drinking water and sanitation services, have exacerbated malnutrition in many countries. They also triggered food crises in 23 countries plunging more than 39 million food-insecure people in need of emergency assistance. Two-thirds of these countries were in Africa, where 32 million people were living in acute food insecurity.

We have observed that the world report on food crises has mentioned various causes as sources of these problems, which is the lack of development. This lack of development through crop destruction and famine can be manipulated and intentionally attributed to economic sabotage, political or destabilization of a country, or an entire region. Dr. Barrie Trower, the former MI5 scientist, worked for British intelligence and other experts said that all this is true to destroy a country or region. We must tackle the country’s economy create famine, disease, plague, heart attacks, lung crises and trigger bleeding or glands that control our entire system. The 124 million people most affected in 2017 in the global report on food crises show that this situation is created by the problems of drought, conflict and displacement. The report has deliberately forgotten the use of microwaves and microwave arming by radiation. How can this technology destroy everything? According to Dr. Trower, he also mentioned how the Russians targeted the US Embassy in Moscow during the Cold War. The Embassy employees were beamed, they had cancer.

The big Nigeria in its extreme north before 2017 the famine reigned according to the report on the food crises of 2017, 2018. Nigeria, an agricultural country, in spite of the discovery of the oil, is always agricultural. Nigeria, the oil giant is on the bench accused unable to feed its population and needs food aid! Have you ever heard of one western country asking for food aid to feed its population? It can happen but it is very rare. Always about Nigeria, there is famine also caused by Boko Haram. In reality who is Boko Haram? Who is financing Boko Haram? Who is the maker of the weapons? Who transports them? Boko Haram (the terrorist group) is more armed than Nigeria how is it? Three or four years ago, 40% of the weapons that the Chadian government seized according to the former Chadian Ministry of Information belong to France and there was no denying by the French government. In Cameroon attacks by Boko Haram, the terrorist group uses French arms and French European combatants. Niger, Mali, DRC, Burkina Faso etc are struck by the terrorism planned by the domination and imperial forces allowed to illegally occupy the territory by fighting against the submission terrorism.

As we said at the beginning of this article, Africa will have more than 2.5 billion people in 2050 according to UN projections. In 2100 will be more than 4.5 billion or 40% of the world pollution. Half of the population will be under 25 who will be an important force for Africa if leaders truly want a prosperous future of the continent. We will no longer wish to see how the African continent is going through famine crises, epidemics of disease, wars, the 1980s, 90s and 2000s. These problems have left more than 200 million dead. Only AIDS has killed more than 100 million people and continues to break families. The use of laptops / celullaries, G5 and more, whatever their mark on the human being will do more damage than Aids. As it is Africa, it is necessary to relativism the numbers of causability not to make sensational. The crisis is redefined, executed under the different name called “terrorism” with the same recipes. Because of terrorism, countries are cut in half or in three. The West the liberator comes and is positioned on the richest part of the country prohibits the control access to the Government of the country. Some heads of state prefer shame than honor and history. How many of those thousands go to sea and die before arriving? How many are going to die because of a simple headache? How many will have a meal a day despite the vastness of their wealth? How many will have a meal a day despite the vastness of their wealth?

Dr. Mehenou Amouzou obtained his “Master in Business” at the “European Advanced Institute of Management” and a Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris (France). He completed his studies in International Relations and Political and Defense Strategies and obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Finance.

Contribution to this article: Raymond West; Fundacion Paraiso Sin Fronteras; Mr. Leroy Bryant, Mr. Paul Amouzou; Mr. Morgan Lewis, Amouzou Nkrumah Production, Nouho Kamara, Mr. Steve Vanderhei, Mr. Yves Adjeme, Mrs. Catherine Kolani & Vassiriki Traore.

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