How Has The Internet Impacted The Lives in Ghana?


The internet is arguably the best invention of the past few decades that has changed humanity for good. There are so many benefits of the internet and it has such a huge impact on our lives that without it we cannot imagine our lives. 


All over the world, the internet has played a vital role in improving the lives of people and the same is true for African nations including Ghana. The internet has made life much easier, more comfortable, and everything more easily accessible than it used to be. To continue this discussion, we will be discussing some of the ways in which the internet has impacted the lives of people in Ghana.

News & Information

The first way in which the internet has improved the lives of people in Ghana is by making news and other information easily accessible. Through the internet, one can access websites in just a few taps that provide users with both domestic and international news. In Ghana, the number of mobile phone and laptop users has increased which has resulted in a decline in printed newspapers since people can access the news and other information that they need through smart devices.


Along with news, other information is also readily accessible on the internet. Whether you need some study material, guides such as the router configuration guide via, modem configuration through, web development courses, app development courses, or any other kind of information, everything is readily accessible on the internet.


Banking was something that was a difficult task in Ghana and the whole of Africa but since the introduction of internet banking by banks, banking has become easier than ever. With internet banking, all the banking activities can be done over the internet without having to visit the bank.


Through the internet, a customer can access his bank account, get account statements, make transactions, and deposit money into his account in no time. Internet banking has made it so easy for Ghanaians and they no longer have to wait in long lines just to make a simple transaction or get their account statement.


There are also dedicated mobile apps that have made banking further easier. One can easily perform all the banking activities from a handheld device thanks to the internet without even having to leave the room.


The internet has further improved the lives of people in Ghana by providing online shopping services. E-commerce services are available across the world including Ghana and people can buy anything from the internet, from home appliances and electronic devices to clothing goods. 


E-commerce has made shopping easier not only in Ghana but all around the world. Customers no longer have to physically visit the store and hustle around different shops to buy the one product that he is looking for. 


With online shopping, not only are there discounts and deals but customers can also compare prices across different e-commerce stores to find the best prices. There are different popular e-commerce stores in Ghana such as Zoobershop, Kaymu, etc that have made shopping much easier for the people of Ghana.


Communication has been made simpler and easier, thanks to the internet. We have witnessed a huge change in the way we connect with people and communicate. There was a time when landline phones and letters were used for communication but thanks to the internet and its wide range of applications, we can communicate with people from any part of the world in real-time.


We have social media platforms, instant messaging apps, and other applications of the internet by which communication has completely changed. We can now see and hear a person in any part of the world thanks to the internet. Real-time communication, which used to be a dream only, is just a few taps away thanks to the internet.

Internet Marketing

The internet has also provided a platform through which multiple businesses are increasing their brand awareness. Digital marketing has become the most used method of marketing, taking over TV, radio, and print media marketing. Internet advertising and marketing have beat traditional methods of marketing because of their cost-effectiveness.


In Ghana, companies have adopted digital marketing to ripe its enormous benefits. Not only is digital marketing and advertising cheaper than traditional methods of marketing but it is also effective as the word reaches out to more people through the internet compared to radio stations or newspapers. Businesses in Ghana and all over the world are now using internet marketing to increase their customers, get more leads, and convert those leads into sales.

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