How long does it take to travel to California?


Question Cares : How long does it take to travel to California
Hello, if my question does not seem so clear to you what I tell how long does it take to travel from one end to the other end may be in California, or maybe just the city center. Oh, and just as you know, the roads are safe and have a good, pleasant to look at? Please answer my question! Best Answer:

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well in San Diego, Los Angeles can be 3-4 hours by car … (Take the 5 north but watch out for rush hour to be cruel …) … Los Angeles to San Francisco for 6-8 hours (up to a beautiful scenic drive) … California and San Diego at the top … at least half a day … These estimates are, of course, if you do not stop … oh and also … up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), if you’re lucky! Also, try and visit Sequoia National Park … nice … I hope you have fun!

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