The PPP Truth Squad wants President John Dramani Mahama to disclose to Ghanaians in a true spirit of transparency, integrity and accountability how much the so-called ?Thank You? tour to all the ten regions of the country has cost the taxpayer.?

According to the squad, during this tour, they have seen the collection of chiefs, ministers of state, district, municipal and metropolitan chief executives and all manner of government officials who we believe have been facilitated through the use of the public purse to welcome, receive the President and participate in the various durbars, visits to markets and lorry parks and rides through the principal streets in the regions.? Money has been spent on telephone calls, fuel, food, per diem, gifts, transportation (including by plane) at the expense of taxpayer.

“At the just ended congress of the NDC, former President and founder of the NDC J. J. Rawlings asked President John Mahama to show integrity, choose the path to righteousness and also purge his administration of? ??babies with hard teeth?.? We agree with President Rawlings.”

The PPP?s National Secretary last week wrote that ??blatant abuse of incumbency and using state resources for partisan NDC campaign for the presidency is against the Principle of Incorruptible Leadership.?? He reminded President Mahama and the NDC that concerns were being expressed by political parties, religious leaders and civil societies in general about this tour to introduce President Mahama to the people.? He wrote that ?The NDC and the President have designed and executed a disingenuous way to introduce John Mahama to the people dressed up as a thank you tour for how Ghanaians mourned the passing of our late President.?

However, the PPP asks, ?Who is paying for all this expenditure??

“The PPP has on several occasions pointed out that there are huge billboards of His Excellency John Mahama and former president Prof. Atta-Mills ostensibly put up to promote and give advantage to ?the candidacy of the former in the 2012 elections. There are adverts in the newspapers showing the two together.? Who is paying for these billboards and newspaper adverts? Is it at the expense of the tax payer? If so, the PPP?s point is that such practices will not ensure peace unity in Ghana when one party gets undue advantage for being in government?? This is not the road to free and fair elections.? Cheating does not only take place on the day of voting.? As President J. J. Rawlings rightly pointed out, the NDC sent its ?babies with sharp teeth? to attack those seeking the truth, transparency and accountability when called to account for the use of our tax money.”

‘Indeed, when President John Mahama, Vice-President K. B. Amissah-Arthur, Ministers of State and other government officials took official vehicles with fuel to the NDC Congress in Kumasi, who footed that transportation and fuel bill?? The tax payer?? Is this the way to introduce John Mahama as ?Ahobrasehene??

They asked the people of Ghana to?stand up and counted in the fight against abuse of incumbency.

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