Why people in corporate often find problems with their communication. In most occasions, people in corporate are known to receive only what they want to receive and not what is conveyed to them. Conveyed is always inversely proportional to what is received. This imbalance in the communication is the root cause for all problems in the corporate world.

Is such situations are created or engineered intentionally by people in the corporate world? In most occasions, no one intentionally create such situations. There are two groups of people do exist in corporate world. When each group communicate with each other, they have to be in the same plane otherwise, a ‘see-saw’ effect become the byproduct of such communication.

The two groups of people in the corporate are

1. People who are ahead of time
2. People who are behind time

Misunderstanding and mistrust are commonly born when the later group of people has to listen to the former group of people. The communication becomes effective not when the communicator is effective but only when the communication creates ‘contemporariness’ between the sender and the receiver. It means, it should create some relevance and meaning to the receiver.

Smart managers and corporate bosses know this well. That is why they often behave the same way as a manager or an officer does in most corporate. The bosses do play dirty politics, compete with subordinate cunningly. Power and position never offer them any security in corporate. They cannot afford to be in the group of ‘people ahead of time’ as large chunk of people in the corporate are ‘people behind time’.

They prefer to be with people. It means, be in the second lot. No organization can prosper and grow if they do not have people who can read things ahead of time. Many corporate suffer because they are behind the time and space.

Many corporate work on the content and context in creating complete and perfect communication platform. They never consider the most important factor – i.e. the speed of people in tune with time. A communication with perfect ‘content’ and ‘context’ is physical and inclusive of the third factor, is biological, which is complete and perfect.

Biological communication is complete but not the mere ‘physical’. In animal world, biological communication is predominant. During heat season, the animal on heat will communicate to the opposite sex through certain chemical substance called pheromones. When the other sex receives the message, biologically get ready for mating. The message of the sender makes the receiver to come to the ‘same plane’ to establish equilibrium in the relation.

Only when both the male and female animals are in heat, mating is possible. In animal world, the breeding event is largely seasonal and hence no animal can afford to loose the season. Hence when one animal (male or female) come to heat takes the responsibility to making the other animal also to come to heat. They use biological communication and not physical communication for the above purpose. Only biological communication ensures the desired result and not just physical.

Nature has empowered animals with all the three components of communication such as content, context and speed in tune with time of the receiver (ahead or behind time).

The corporate and its HR must learn the third dimension of the communication only then they can effectively lead the people to total success. Be a master and not manipulative in your communication that is what the message of nature conveys to the corporate.

Ref: Management book- Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

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