How Small Personalised Air crafts Can be Human Reality within Months? 

The God of knowledge have clearly showed me multiple ways of creating both manual and electric Air crafts for humans, but realising it requires finance and access to certain materials that are more accessible in the West and Asia. Africa must invest in the future, as initiators, not as followers. The feasible may seem infeasible due to lack of trust, imagination,  problems of fear, greed, etc. Flying is essentially just manipulation of air in a balanced manner. Shape is essential, but a secondary factor in the world of flying. Walking, running,  swimming,  etc are all forms of manipulation of air. Since humans are fragile, we must take extra caution even after we successfully make these Personalised Air crafts. Our shape means we must create something else that can help us fly, easier. Shifting from mass commercialisation of flying to humanitarian leaning of Personalised Air crafts is a revolution that requires the help of the kind conquering Lord. The governments that denied us even emotional flying through cannabis may never want us to physically fly, in masses and lot less control. However, we can count on the Lord to help us erase their fears or fight through in very smart ways. Obviously it will affect many present industries,  but human freedom and how it can be much more environmentally friendly makes it a need. New industries will also be born.
Africa have a clear advantage to this flying world due to our climate, but even the cold western world can clearly benefit beyond summer time. Average person may drive thirty minutes to work, so flying five to ten minutes to work can be big improvement and much safer than snow and ice driving.  The worst of westerners may fool Africans about the feasibility and economic consequences of such a shift, but we can pray the best of westerners+ to resist with us and help humankind with God revealed knowledge.
I am offering myself to lead at least one research team, promise to yield impressive results within months or do not pay me a dime… However, a clear percentage must be dedicated to me if it yields billions… Beside myself, I am Urging every country, especially African countries,  to seriously invest in such a research, buy requested products, pay minimally,  but offer a big bonus upon success or achievement.
There can be up to ten different types of Personalised Air crafts that may all work, but who will cry or thank God if only five succeed? Safety is paramount, so that government will not stop you, among other reasons. Every research leader must understand this is not a race to fame or riches, it is primarily to help humans. So fly low and not high speed until you see near perfect results.  Design well, have personal safety gears,  and Choose an environment with least possible dangers for testing. Consider remote control testing where feasible, but manual flying requires bravery, strength,  and is the safest in some environment.
I do not want to waste time discussing those flying cars they are selling to mainly millionaires, they are too bulky , over commercialised, and really not ideal for the mass Personalised Air crafts I envisioned.  Drones are possible personal Air crafts for humans, but there can be other designs, including different types of hybrids.  The research teams should have thinkers than engineers, but you will certainly need engineers who can listen and realise things.
Personalised Air crafts are suppose to be small and be able to land virtually any where, just like big birds and drones… The initial cost of these Air crafts can be around thousand to five thousand dollars to recover investments,  but we should honestly try to keep the cost to hundreds of dollars, make it affordable and as a humanitarian project.  God gave us free legs and ‘free’ knowledge to help us fly and help others. Human evolution was low and would have been dangerous to have wings, but I think we can easily police the air , like the land and sea. God Allowing our questionable present Air crafts is like a transition that should be over.
Beside the machine oriented Air crafts, I honestly believe in the feasibility of manual flying, despite the u.s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) claims of ‘not for humans’. The honest truth is people failed in that regard because knowledge was limited then and it was mainly individuals efforts… We have many new material that far surpasses what Karl otto Lilienthal  and others had and his short lived successful glider. For those who do not know, this German actually flew before the Wright brothers , but America has big mouth or propaganda machine.  The weight of human being means big wings or lot more than two wings. On the manual trials, we should try two, four, six, and even eight to sixteen wings. Some wings will have the shape of birds, but insects are inspiring on shapes. Although this will be the lowest in cost, it has advantages and disadvantages. You will still need to create something, attach the wings to your product, and the person will just sit or lie to operate the wings, not just glide . Good hints for which research teams? Remember to work as team, keep smart phones away, and remember gratitude to God, myself, publisher, and those who help you.  Once you form a strong team, I can help you even from a distance.
The world of air is not primarily for humans, so be there when need be and come to earth for fun… weight is one of the reasons we cannot naturally fly, but it makes no sense to try to make an aircraft that can take lot of extra weight,.  For now, Let our precious man made products be transported with boats, ships, land vehicles,  etc. Eventually,  we will have zones based on altitude where civilians can fly. Kids have limited weight to come along, but we should safely train kids to fly around the same age they train to swim. Some of these may sound like fantasy, but there will be enough safety inspiring lessons and regulations. A bird may need hours of training to fly, some four year old need a day to swim,  so some kids will fly within a week. We just need God to help us directly or win the minds of governments or rich folks, then once realised, people will believe and utilize.
Considering you, your state, and the rich folks in your country may not have ever thought about even one personal aircraft for the masses, someone claiming about ten may be feasible may seem as far fetched.  However,  when every country was fighting against marijuana,  this same man thought it will be best to legalise it and we can defeat even mighty u.s. some told me people will abuse it, but how many really did versus when it was illegal? Some may say people will abuse flying than driving,  but remember regulations and other smart ways can be employed to tackle potential abusers. Going to the moon may or may not have been ‘one giant leap for [u.s or] humankind ‘; but if God realised these beautiful ideas, I am confident that humankind will suffer lot less, enjoy lot more. May the realizer realize our ideas and bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn,  let’s work,  let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
If you are eyeing to be a research team leader in your country, then let safety be your concern and try to overcome the fearful+ authorities. Governments love control, control, control… so you must assure them and help erase their unnecessary fears. Tell them you will make maximum of hundred or thousand as trial. That the fastest ones will be reserved for their police… Show them less than 10 percent of people may risk abusing regulations and can be caught through cameras and other gears. The greedy officials may demand bribe, but refuse. Feel free to gratefully give gifts to helpful ones if you succeed.
Although it is true that it will affect many industries,  but it will help In many other ways. It is few big wigs In the west who may suffer most and just financially.  If I can fly reasonably, why do I need a beautiful tesla or care about Elon Musk losing billions? He can join us or wait to see us rise and be productive cannabis users? I THINK about the millions or billions who will get much better than Tesla or xyz through me or you. Understanding how U.S, Russia, and many countries will kill for money, I urge you to avoid smart phones in your research area and reveal only needed information to the public. Put your trust in God and know that I am taking a much bigger risk. Once we have over 50 smart research teams, revealing and selling their successes, it becomes harder to try to kill all. So seek money, but Also God along the way.
Our time cannot be totally free, but I will gladly help any serious team. You must respect instructions,  by and large. I have already hinted how safety personal gears are important and you may need custom made ones, from special shoes to helmets. You must look for funds to minimise risks, make quality material for air worthiness,  hire experts and even factories… These designs and others can be copyrighted , because the public may need them too, voluntarily or imposed by government.
Although the ultimate target is to be able to land in compounds, all testing should be landing on water, like seaplanes; open fields, like helicopters; and choose a great environment.  Landing is very crucial,  especially for humans. Fall vs jump: A human being can fall from two story building and die due to fear or landing; while you can be trained to jump from much higher height and land safely.  So speed control matters… First tests: let no one fly above the height of two story buildings,  and practice landings over ten to hundred times first… Expect similar tips once you contact or choose me as your research team leader/consultant.
A fairly smart guy bought the feasibility of making the Air crafts, but the Devil whispered ‘how can the logistics be when u.s is struggling in air control systems of few thousands Air crafts’? Dummy! We are heading to self control like birds, through regulations, and those who disobey air safety rules will be video  recorded, prosecuted, or shoot at in the air. Yes, it will be gradual, but after enough tests, we will have writers and trainers to help even Dummies fly within one week training. Flying should be lot easier and safer than driving, at least towards others.  If you overload, our Air crafts will be design to have least impact if you fall on others’ house. Time to change wings or xyz, we send note to you and government. Anti marijuana journalists and politicians may not understand the change we want to bring, but may God realise it and make it great to us.
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