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How Technology is Changing the Dental Industry, As Per Dr. Tyler Brady

Dr. Tyler Brady
Dr. Tyler Brady

The dental industry is evolving quickly as technology develops, and that means an increase in revenue. In 2020, the dental industry in the United States alone was worth $15.57 billion, and it’s projected to nearly double by 2027 to $30.59 billion. If you’re a dentist, you need to keep up with the times to survive. Dr. Tyler Brady is at the apex of these changes to help his patients walk out of his office with the brightest smiles imaginable. He’s here to shed light on three of the latest trends in the cosmetic dentistry industry.

3D printing

It’s now possible to create dental devices that perfectly fit a patient’s mouth using 3D printing. Dentists can use 3D printers to create highly accurate crown and bridge models, surgical guides, castable restorations, aligners, retainers, splints, dentures, and more! “I’m optimistic about the future of 3D printing and how it will help us keep our patients healthy,” said Dr. Tyler Brady. “As the technology improves, it will be easier to access.”


During the pandemic, accessing your dentist was hard, especially during the lockdown. There was a massive rise in teledentistry technology, which allows your dentist to treat you remotely. It’s less expensive than traditional dentistry and has improved patient care, especially in areas where it’s hard to access a dentist. “I’m always open to talk to my patients when they need me,” said Dr. Tyler Brady. “I think this technology is so promising.”

Laser technology

Lasers have been used in dentistry for a while, but we’ve recently started to see how they can be used in other applications. Advantages of lasers include decreased need for sutures, less bleeding, little to no pain, reduced risk of infection, and faster healing. “I use lasers in my practice all the time,” said Dr. Tyler Brady. “I’m excited to see what other ways they’ll be used in dentistry even just five years from now.”

The cosmetic dentistry industry is quickly evolving. It takes great dentists like Dr. Tyler Brady to keep up.

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