How to digitalize physical DVD’s to MOV video files on Mac


The DVD’s contain the popular movies, TV-episodes, music-videos nowadays. The problem is that the DVD can just be played on the media devices which have a CD/DVD drive. If you’re a Mac user, and want to view your DVD purchases on other media devices like iPad, iPod, PSP etc., you need to use a DVD ripper for Mac to rip and convert DVD into a more compatible digital video format, such as MOV.


Obtain a Mac DVD ripping program by making an online search. Download, install and run the program on your Mac computer by double-clicking on the desktop icon. Select the “MOV” output option by pressing the “Profile” drop-down box near the top of the screen. Besides, general Mac DVD ripping tools allow their users to adjust output parameters like Codec, Bit Rate, Frame Rate etc. to personalize the video quality output. Insert a DVD into your Mac computer’s CD/DVD drive, and found the “Open DVD” button at the top of the screen. This let the application to load the disc into the application instead of letting your Mac computer place it in the regular media player. After loading files, you can select which chapters, titles, or scenes to converter. If you hope to convert the entire DVD file, you can skip this step.. Click the “Browse” button at the bottom of the screen to choose where you want the DVDrip files saved or moved once it’s converted. Press the “Start” button the start converting DVD to MOV on Mac. The conversion process might take you a few minutes or hours depending on your Mac computer’s speed and the duration of the source DVD’s. That’s it.

Tips & Warnings

1. General DVD ripping is a time-consuming process. There are many factors could influence the DVD ripping speed, such as, the size and duration of the DVD source file, computer hardware speed and the codec used in converting DVD. You can improve the DVD ripping speed by trying the following ways: 1) According to my experience, set the MPEG-4 as codec will speed up the ripping speed, but the quality output is not good as H.264 codec. 2) Set the parameter, such as resolution and frame rate.The higher parameter the source video has, the longer it takes. 3) When you start to rip a DVD, you’d better to close all the programs running on your Mac computer to make a full use of CPU core.

2. It is totally illegal to rip a DVD in some country likeUK. But if you’re out side of theUK, and don’t intend to use the DVDrip files to sell to others for a profit but just to make a backup on your personal Mac computer, don’t be to worried about these things.

Some guys asked for if it is legal to upload their DVDrip files to YouTube. I think it will be okay, because the the authorities wont go on youtube and select out the millions of people that obiviously use illegally copyrighted material (which wont be you) to do anything to them anyways. If the worst comes to the worst, you just remove the DVDrip files from your YouTune account.

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