How to Enjoy the Merits of Internet


The internet is a very useful tool to our daily lives. Life has become easier and more interesting with internet technology as we can now access a lot of information, read news, watch educative videos, receive lectures, hold seminars, transfer money and do many things online as long as we have internet access. There is no doubt that the internet is an unavoidable tool for our daily lives in today’s technology age.

However, we must be informed that the internet has both positive and negative impact on our daily lives . While many people have enjoyed the positive impact, many others have also suffered because of the negative impact it had on them.

In as much as the internet has both positive and negative impact on our daily lives, it is important for us to focus on the positive aspects so that we can enjoy its benefits.

Tips to enjoy the benefits of internet:

1. Identify the advantages of internet and write them down.

2. Choose the advantages that are easy for you to work on.

3. Identify the disadvantages and don’t allow them to have negative impact on your life.

4. Identify online friends that add value to your life and get closer to them.

5. Identify online friends that don’t add value to your life and do away with them.

6. Don’t allow your internet usage to affect your personal relationship with God.

7. Don’t allow your internet usage to affect your relationship with your family.

8. Delete all applications that are not beneficial to you.

9. Don’t post or share any harmful content.

10. Investigate before you add anyone as your online friend.

11. Don’t join too many online platforms.

12. Avoid visiting pornographic websites.

13. Block anyone that sends you pornographic material.

14. Don’t get involved in any illegal or fraudulent activities online.

15. Learn more about internet safety every day and always ask questions from experts.

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CEO Onadipe Technologies,
Founder of internet safety magazine.

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