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How to grow vegetables



Vegetables in Greenhouses are grown in stone wool, commonly known as a media.

This stone wool is made from a mineral called basalt. This means that these developed countries no longer need soils to grow most vegetables.

?By growing in stone wool, all the water and nutrients used in cultivation can be collected and re-circulated so that nothing goes to waste,? explained an expert at Tomato world in Central Netherlands.

They call this sustainable method of cultivation or precision growing.

The nutrients for the plants are sent through a connection of pipes running from a tank were they are mixed.

The plants come out much, much better because the nutrients are directly filtered into them.

One cubic metre of basalt is enough to be able to produce 50 cubic metres of stone wool.

?We can then grow at least 350,000kgs of tomatoes for example on just those 50 cubic metres of stone wool,? the official says.

Amazingly, once the cultivation is over, the used stone wool can be recycled into bricks. And amazingly again, 50 cubic metres of stone wool can be turned into 8 cubic metres of bricks.

According to Ugandan farmers who visited various vegetable research centres in the Netherlands, this practice is good, however it needs a lot more research to achieve it in Uganda.

?Besides, the Europeans who are practicing it do not have as much fertile soils as we have in Uganda. But again, out of fighting the lack of soil challenge, they got something that is much better,? observed Joel Cherop, a vegetable farmer.

By Joshua Kato, The New Vision

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