How to impress in corporate?


How to impress the boss in a corporate? Does, the success of the employees in a corporate depends upon how one impress the superior. What is the true definition of the word ‘impress’?

In the corporate parlance, the word ‘impress’ means, catch the attention or get noticed or make one feel nice about or create an impact etc. Unless the boss gets impressed with the work of the subordinate, recognition is not going to be possible either to the work (job done) or the subordinate. Unless the definition is understood ‘scientifically’, all efforts of the subordinate to impress the boss would originate only from ‘individualized’ and ‘pseudo-idolized (pseudo-worship)’ than ‘professional’ approach.

How to understand the meaning of the word ‘impress’ scientifically? To impress others, one need to have something what others could appreciate. In other words, one’s choice should be based on what others like than what one like, only then, impressing others is possible.

Unfortunately, people in the corporate world tend to impress others, especially the boss with what they like than what the boss would like. Will such an approach yield any result? Look at the human world a little deeply from the ‘cosmetic’ angle. Most people love to buy dress or perfume or beauty products or foot wears etc., what they like the most. Only their personal ‘likes’ and ‘preferences’ dictates the ‘substance’ that they would like to use to impress others.

Only after one gets impressed with something, they will be going for impressing others. Is it the right approach? In the domain of ones personal life, the above approach may not matter much but will indeed fail in the corporate world.

Look at the nature. There are several birds and animals one can find with ‘sublime’ beauty. Beauty in finality or embodiment of beauty, we can find in nature’s creations. Have you ever seen a peacock or birds of paradise or macaw or a spotted deer or a mandrill ever look at their beauty in a mirror and feel proud or tend to impress others with its beauty? Certainly, within the same group of peacocks, not all peacocks are equally beautiful. During courtship, everyone try to impress others with what they have. The final choice or decision of getting impressed with a male bird lies with the female bird. More often, only the ‘best’ could impress the female.

Reflect, on the corporate reality from the above perspective. Most bosses never get impressed by the best performance of the subordinate. What is the best according to the ‘boss’, when a subordinate showcase, only then the boss can be impressed.

What you like or think best is only best to you. It may impress you also. But never assume, that would impress your boss.

Those who know biology can argue wisely that the peafowl chose the male is based on what she think to be the best. Yes, indeed, we also can verify her choice whether it is best or not. Her choice definitely has the ‘future interest’ of the entire race. Only when she mates with the male who could impress her with ‘his best’, she can have the next generation that will be the best.

Do the corporate bosses to get impressed with the performance of the subordinate use the same yard stick of ‘whether it is best’ to the corporate and its future as well. In most instances, they would look only at their future interest, which is fully selfish and self centric.

If you truly want to impress your boss with your performance in the corporate, never ask whether it impress you also. Think only what would impress the boss. If, you want to be true to your job, do a very satisfying job and get impressed with your job or performance. You may win as an individual but may not be as an employee.

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