How to increase positivity to change your reality, per Barry


Positive thinking is crucial in life. Its power is often understated, and most people don’t realize that their thoughts have the ability to change their world. According to Barry, negative thinking locks you in a box of negativity, curtailing you from seeing all the opportunities and grand possibilities. That is why Barry recommends that people approach every situation by changing their thoughts.

While positive thinking is not the magical solution to every issue, it is critical to your growth and success. Therefore, here are three Barry -approved ways to nurture positive thinking in readiness for 2022.

  • Focus on the good

It is remarkably easy to focus on everything that is going wrong. That invites negative thoughts and shackles you to the situation. Barry says that you invite positive thoughts when you start focusing on what is going right. It shouldn’t matter how small the good things are; it is important to try and find the silver lining.

Barry notes that to succeed in this first step, you must identify your negative habits and areas of negativity. This way, you are more aware when you start to slip into negativity.

  • Practice gratitude

A gratitude journal is an excellent method to remind you of positive things surrounding you. It always helps to be grateful for everything in life, even the smallest things. Barry recommends that you think of the people around you, moments, and things. Barry says that writing down the things you are grateful for also helps you see how much positivity there is in your life. This will, in turn, nurture positive thinking.

  • Positive self-talk is crucial.

When negativity slips in, people get stuck in a loop of berating themselves, which digs a deeper hole into their self-esteem. To remedy this, Barry recommends positive self-talk — basically talking yourself up and praising yourself for your achievements. Even the slightest shift in how you view yourself can help boost your positivity. It is essential to give yourself second chances and opportunities to do better.

Positivity is incredibly valuable in life. By practicing these three strategies, you will nurture your positive thinking ahead of the coming new year.

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