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How to Produce Workable New Year’s Resolutions



The new year is almost here and many out there are craving to achieve great things. Some are committed to changing their behavior from that of negative to positive. They make resolutions before or on 1st January but break them on 10th January or sometime within the new year, and return to where they began: No change, no progress, no action.

Common sense they say isn’t common practice — smoking doesn’t give you vitamin C, everyone knows that, yet people still smoke. Aristotle surmised: To be excellent is not to think or feel excellent but act excellently.

We so much feel the need to change and be better versions of ourselves, but we can’t get ourselves to change; why? Part of the answer is: we set so many unrealistic goals and aim to achieve them as big as they are. Why not start in bits and pieces? Why not take it day after day, task after task? Don’t set goals too comfortable that you easily ignore doing them, and don’t set them too hard that you scare your self away from doing them. Set reasonable goals and break them into manageable chunks to enable you to find pleasure in doing them.

When you don’t set reasonable goals, the difficulty of achieving hard ones will overwhelm your sense of control and to get you off track. Once you begin to feel out of control, the stress of what you want to achieve drowns your whole being and stops you from moving forward. I know you know all these things, they sound common sense to you, but the problem is you are not acting on them, knowing something doesn’t make it work, what makes it work is action.

It is often said that we create habits and habits make us–We are a bundle of habits happening every time. We rise in the morning, and we don’t think we have to wear clothes we wear clothes; it is automatic because it is a habit, it is a habit because we do it every single day. Thus, to be able to make changes in our lives, and achieve all we want, we must learn to turn actions into habits first, then we can automatically pursue our goals without hindrance. To be able to turn our activities into habits, we must take one step at a time; bits and pieces every single day until we no longer feel pain in doing the things we want to do, or achieve the resolutions we set for ourselves.

Psychologist William James in his book principles of psychology wrote: Couldn’t the key to sustaining positive change be to turn each desired action into a habit so that it would come automatically without much effort, thought, or choice?




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