Auto updates for Windows7 are available but more often than not these only work if the internal settings are made accordingly. Also the other issue with these updates is that the system must be running to let the updates install in the PC or the system. If these are not installed at the right time then it may lead to various issues like the system slowing down drastically, software errors and other technical issues. Going online just to install updates is something that is not possible, especially when you are busy elsewhere.  You will then need to force updates by manually installation.  With this article you will learn to install manual updates to avoid software errors. Also by choosing to install updates manually you need not login just to get the auto updates, you can choose a convenient time for it as per your schedule.

First we need to launch the updates.

 Now you need to launch the MSIE from the task menu bar by clicking the icon of IE. Click on ‘Safety’ option and a drop down menu appearsChoose the ‘Windows Update’ option to find out the updates requiredThen choose to install these updates by pressing the ‘Install Updates’ button

These are a few simple steps that will help in manually installing updates. Simply go to:

Start>>Control Panel>>Windows Update

Then you will see the option of ‘Check for Windows update’ along with ‘Change settings’ option. After you have selected the option of ‘Change Settings’, you will get the freedom to choose the time for installing updates in your system. This will include both the day and time which you can set according to your convenience. Then again select the ‘Check for Updates’ option and then ‘Install Updates’. Once this is done, the process of updation will initiate. . Once it is complete you will need to restart your system and then login again.

If you have any queries related to updating windows manually or turning on the auto update feature of Windows with another version then get in touch with premium computer support provider.

The technical experts will help you deal with any Windows related issues that may be:

System errorsSoftware issuesInstalling latest drivers Updating existing driversResolving compatibility issues and other such technical issues.

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