Huawei provides stylish design and high performance to its consumers


Based on deep insights of market trends, Huawei has a strong understanding of what younger consumers are looking for, thus they put a strong emphasis on product appearance and uniqueness and want to be entertained while enjoying a premium user experience.

In response to this, Huawei launched the Y Series to meet younger users’ requirements for smartphone products.

Since it was first released, HUAWEI Y Series has stuck to its vision of “being young and powerful” with the dual principles of bringing stylish design and high performance to consumers.

With stunning looks, great performance and a quality build, the HUAWEI Y Series exceeds consumers’ expectations. To date, global sales of the HUAWEI Y Series have surpassed 200 million units and earned positive reception around the world.

In a release by Huawei copied to News Ghana on 21st November, 2019, it said,
Premium Quality at an Affordable Price
From the inside out, the new HUAWEI Y9s is optimised to provide a combination of premium design and powerful performance at an affordable price.

Like the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, HUAWEI Y9s features a Fullview Display with an integrated pop-up camera. It also learning from Huawei flagship’s optical design concept and uses a glass back to re-interpret the beauty of salt flats. Besides, it brings upgraded features, such as a 48MP rear AI Triple Camera system.

As the latest addition to the HUAWEI Y Series, Y9s will take entry-level smartphones to the next level, delivering more fun and enjoyment to users.

Ultra Wide Angle 48MP Rear Triple Camera

Thanks to the updated hardware, optimised software and a more sophisticated manufacturing process, smartphone cameras are becoming more and more powerful, helping users capture wonderful moments with ease. Today, Huawei’s smartphone camera features are constantly improving, surprising consumers with innovative, breakthrough technologies. HUAWEI Y9s features an Ultra Wide Angle, 48MP AI Triple Camera system and Huawei’s renowned mobile photography technology for enhanced night photography and image stabilization.

Capture Amazing Details with a 48MP AI Triple Camera

The AI Triple Camera system includes a 48MP Main Camera, an 8MP 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera. With a native resolution of 48MP, the main camera enables users to create clear images and capture more amazing details.

The main camera is a 6 Plastic (6P) lens. Compared with a 5P Lens, it can capture more light, which gives the camera a higher resolution and contrast to further improve image quality. In addition, the main camera uses a 1/2-inch sensor to provide greater light sensitivity, allowing the device to produce enhanced image quality in low-light environments.

The practical 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera offers a 120-degree field-of-view and supports Ultra Wide Angle Video. It is 53.8% wider than the traditional 78-degree lens, almost doubling the viewing angle. Whether for wild nature scenes or group photos, the Ultra Wide Angle Camera can capture a wider view and more fun.

Meanwhile, the 2MP Depth Camera works with the Main Camera to measure the distance between the subject and the camera. By doing this, it can create professional bokeh effects to highlight the subject just like using a wide aperture lens.

Handheld Night Mode

In terms of image quality, smartphones generally cope well taking pictures when the light is sufficient. However, in low light environments, mobile phones need more light to enter the camera through a longer exposure. When taking long-exposure photos, camera shake can make photos blurry if not using a tripod, which also happens with professional camera equipment.

HUAWEI Y9s features long exposure mode and noise reduction to improve image quality. On one hand, the rear Main Camera with a 1/2-inch sensor allows more light to enter so that it can take sharper photos in low light. On the other hand, the Multi-Frame Noise Reduction powered by Huawei’s AI algorithm allows long exposures of up to six seconds to be taken handheld.

In extremely low light environments, this feature effectively helps the camera to achieve image stabilisation, while intelligently increasing the brightness and dynamic range, to deliver consistent high-quality night photography as Huawei smartphones always do.

480fps Super Slow-Motion Video Mode

Humans cannot stop time. It is impossible to rewind and experience wonderful moments again. However, 480fps slow motion can help you look back and appreciate those moments slowly. HUAWEI Y9s offers 480fps Super slow-motion Video Mode to slow down fast-moving motions. With 480fps filming 0.5 seconds, users can get an 8-second video (at 30fps), 16 times slower.

Therefore, HUAWEI Y9s can clearly capture the process and details of breathtaking or intriguing moments, such as a swimmer making a splash or kids blowing bubbles.

EIS Anti-shake for Recording Video

Today, Video blogging (Vlogging) is a popular way for youngsters to record their life moments. However, when filming moving objects or sporting scenes, camera shake can be a major issue. With Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), HUAWEI Y9s helps users to minimise motion blur and detail loss to get smooth and stable shots when chasing and recording pets or kids playing around. (Note: EIS only supports 720p video recording.)

AI Scene Recognition

For users that are new to photography or don’t want to be concerned with adjusting multiple camera parameters, HUAWEI Y9s’s built-in AI Recognition is the perfect assistant to help take stunning photos. When the camera is on, it can recognise 22 categories including pets, blue sky, plants, beaches and snow, and over 500 scenes. It can also adjust and optimise brightness for the subject and background according to different scenes, helping users capture great photos with ease.

Adaptive AI Beauty (Available on Both Front and Rear Camera)

Beautification capabilities are becoming increasingly important to users. The HUAWEI Y9s features a new AI-assisted natural beautification algorithm, which can intelligently identify the age, gender and skin tone of subjects while providing customised facial enhancements and modifications according to personal facial characteristics. From acne removal, facial contouring, eye brightening, teeth whitening to a range of other exclusive effects1; AI Beauty helps users take better looking portraits. (1AI Beauty effects may vary from region to region).

Add an Artful Touch with Flare Effects(Available on Both Front and Rear Camera)

When the night comes, glittering neon lights illuminate the city’s skyline. People like to take photos of the splendid night, and the out-of-focus bright points and flares can create a romantic mood. With HUAWEI Y9s, users can take photos in front of such shimmering backgrounds and transform the shinning lights into special flare effects. Simply turn on the Portrait mode and select the desired effects, such as Hearts and Circles, to add an artful touch to photos.

HUAWEI Ultra FullView Display and New Stylish Colours
Discover More Details with FullView Display

HUAWEI Y9s sports a 6.59-inch negative LCD display (2340×1080) with a 1,500:1 contrast ratio. It has a wide color gamut of 85% (typical value) and can display 16.7 million colours. In addition to natural color reproduction, the screen brings out the finest details and make colors more saturated and vibrant.

Instead of using the mainstream notch design, dewdrop and hole-punch display, HUAWEI Y9s uses a FullView Display with a pop-up camera design to deliver a true FullView Display experience. With a boundary-free screen and sharp details, the display takes the smartphone viewing experience to a higher level.

91% Screen-to-Body Ratio that Maximises Viewing Area

HUAWEI Y9s features a micro-seam earpiece and a hidden ambient light sensor to make upper and bottom bezels thinner. Compared to HUAWEI Y9 2019, Y9s has a 30% thinner top bezel and a 6% thinner bottom bezel. Along with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, the screen-to-body ratio is increased to 91% (AA/CG). Such ultimate bezel-less design breaks the boundaries of a screen to bring users a wider and brighter FullView Display experience.

Stunning Colours to Reflect the Beauty of Time

Seasons come and seasons go and one must capture the flowing of time to observe the beauty of these dynamic changes. This is a design concept that Huawei has applied to its flagship smartphones. On HUAWEI Y9s, Huawei continues the concept of time aesthetics reflecting how salt flats change as time goes by. Two stylish colours, Breathing Crystal and Midnight Black symbolize the salt flats’ beauty in the day and night.

Under a blue sky and white clouds, mineral crystals in a salt lake blend with the water. The flat water surface reflects the beauty of the sky, Huawei captures such dreamy magical effects and engraves them on the back of a smartphone. Thanks to the nano-texture process (Breathing Crystal only), the colour of the back panel changes with light.

When the night comes, over the lake the sky is still, deep and extremely dark, completely different from how it looks like in daytime. The lake mingles with the dark at midnight, creating an obscure and mysterious mood. Naturally, Midnight Black becomes a timeless and classic colour that people love.

Premium Glass Finish Created by Sophisticated Polishing Techniques

The mirror effects of the relaxing Breathing Crystal and calm Midnight Black cannot be made without the glass body. In order to have a shiny and transparent finish, HUAWEI Y9s is crafted by glass processing techniques and polished layer upon layer, to create a gorgeous glass texture. The Midnight Black is manufactured with a 15-layer glass process, while the Breathing Crystal variant is even more complicated, polished with a 21-layer glass process.

The glass back panel smoothly connects with the middle frames from both sides, forming a rounded and gentle body. In addition, the 3D Arc designed middle frames create a natural and seamless transition from the back to the front, which gives users a comfortable grip and makes the 6.59-inch device feel more compact and handy like a 5.5-inch phone.

Side-Mounted Fingerprint: Unlock in 0.3 Seconds

HUAWEI Y9s adopts a side-fingerprint design, which combines the power button and fingerprint unlock button into one. This design ensures the integrity of the front and back panels, and also makes the idea of “using one button for multiple purposes” a reality. Slightly tap the button to lock/unlock the screen. Press and hold for one second to activate Voice Assistant. Press and hold for up to three seconds to switch off the phone. In terms of unlock speed, HUAWEI Y9s provides instant recognition and unlock, which takes only 0.31 seconds with just one tap. (1 Huawei laboratory data)

Healthy eye Protection: Eye Comfort Mode

Today, many smartphone users spend a lot of time using their devices. For some heavy users, prolonged use can lead to tired eyes. To address this issue, the HUAWEI Y9s provides an Eye Comfort Mode similar to other Huawei smartphones. With Eye Comfort Mode on, the display can effectively reduce the blue light that causes eye fatigue. Especially effective in in low light environments, the brightness is adjusted to as low as 2nits, so as to lower the potential risks of an overly bright screen to a user’s eyes.

Under strong sunlight, it can be difficult to read a screen. If the user turns up the brightness manually, the colors cam become distorted or overexposed. Additionally, high brightness consumes more battery energy. To solve this problem, HUAWEI Y9s uses Huawei’s Sunlight display technology to automatically adjust screen brightness based on the ambient light status.

Additionally, thanks to video display enhancement technology, the device can intelligently tune the brightness to make every detail clear.

TÜV Rheinland Certified Eye Comfort Mode

The secret behind blue light filtering and adaptive colour temperature adjustment is the high-standard photobiological safety technology. HUAWEI Y9s’s Eye Comfort Mode has passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification. This allows users’ eyes to remain comfortable after using the phone for a long while and alleviates the negative influence brought by a display’s blue light, and too high or too low brightness.

Gesture-Based Navigation for Easier Control

Virtual buttons or floating navigation bars would compromise the FullView Display experience. Therefore, HUAWEI Y9s uses a more convenient “FullView Display Gesture” for navigation, maximizing the viewable area. With this feature, users can operate simple gestures with just one hand, such as “Exit”, “Back to Home”, or “Background Management” with no need to use the navigation bar.

16MP Front-Facing Pop-Up Camera
“Smart Eye” for Stunning Selfies

Inspired by BMW MINI’s elevating roof and Audi Q2L’s floating center console, HUAWEI Y9s introduces a Pop-Up Camera design to leave the front display panel as complete as possible. To provide better FullView Display experience, HUAWEI Y9s moves its earpiece into the edge of the top frame and embeds the ambient light sensor to the very bottom of the screen, leaving the whole display clean and clear.

When Selfie Mode is on, the hidden camera pops up automatically like a “smart eye” floating on the top of the screen. It also looks like a mischievous cat poking its head out of a window, bringing more fun to selfie time. It only takes one second for the camera to pop up or retract (based on Huawei laboratory data), making it handy and easy to use.

AI Backlit Imaging for Different Lighting

Many people love to capture the light and shadow changes in photos. Different lighting gives people different feelings. Some are bright and warm; some are darker and brooding. Lighting is particularly important for portraits and backlight can create a strong contrast and dramatic effects in portraits. However, if the subject is under-exposed, the portrait will become a “dark shadow”.

The front-facing Pop-Up Camera packs a 1.0μm-pixel 16MP lens with an f/2.2 aperture to ensure enough light enters into the camera. Meanwhile, the smartphone uses an upgraded AI Intelligent Backlight Imaging technology to create great backlit portraits.

No matter whether it is dealing with front light, side light or back light, HUAWEI Y9s can easily handle the visual interferences caused by light, retain the details, reproduce the colours, and make both the subject and background look clear and vibrant.
3D Portrait Lighting

Professional photographers are good at playing with light. They use lights to “draw the image” and adjust the brightness to make the subject’s face look more defined. Similarly, HUAWEI Y9s’s 3D Portrait Lighting offers a host of studio-standard lighting effects to turn quick selfies into striking portraits.

Quality-Built Pop-Up Camera, Stable and Reliable

The biggest technological challenge of a Pop-Up Camera is the stability and durability of the elevating structure. Huawei adapts a new motor and pop-up structure to make sure every pop-up and retract works well, which remarkably exceeds the industry level and test standards.

In the multidimensional testing, the Pop-Up Camera can successfully pop up and retract 100,000 times without damage. If it pops up and retracts for 100 times a day, the camera ensures 2.7 years of proper use. According to the average smartphone replacement cycle, it can fully meet users’ needs of daily use. At the same time, when the camera is up, it can hold a force of about 150 N (about 15kg of weight) from the front side, which guarantees that the camera functions properly. (*Huawei laboratory data)

Smart Drop Protection –Don’t worry about accidental drops

In daily use, many users inevitably drop their phone from time to time. To protect the activated front camera from damage when the phone drops, HUAWEI Y9s is embedded with a sensor that can intelligently detect dropping. When the phone falls, the front camera automatically retracts as quickly as possible to minimise the damage.

Unlimited Possibilities Brought by High Performance and Large Storage
Kirin 710F Boosts Performance and Power Efficiency

HUAWEI Y9s is powered by Kirin 710F, a high performance, low power consumption chip that can effectively speed up application launch time and fix lag in gaming. Kirin 710F is manufactured with the 12nm process.

Compared with the previous generation chip, Kirin 659, Kirin 710F provides roughly 75% better single-core performance and around 68% improved multi-core performance in CPU. It also doubles the power efficiency and delivers 1.3 times higher performance in GPU power than the Kirin 659.

The chip features four Cortex-A73 big cores operating at up to 2.2 GHz, along with four Cortex-A53 little cores operating at up to 1.7 GHz. It lowers power consumption by 30% more than the previous generation chipset. For heavy-resource-consuming apps such as games, the chipset effectively reduces heat and gets the most life from the battery.

Enjoy Great Music with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage

Today, smartphones are more than just communication tools. They are entertainment hubs for music and video playback, as well as being used for work. Meanwhile, with more and more apps installed and media files downloaded onto phones, there is a higher user demand for storage space.

Huawei fully understands users’ need for large storage and provides a standard 6GB RAM+128GB ROM with expandable 512GB storage (sold separately). Thanks to this flagship-level configuration, users can save more than 10,000 songs or 900 videos in HD quality. (*Data from Huawei Laboratory. Assume the size of every song file is 10 M and every video is 140 M.)

Read and Write Faster with UFS2.1

In addition to high storage capacity, the HUAWEI Y9s uses UFS2.1 Dual channel Storage technology and its dual-lane design improves the random read/write speed by about 90%, when compared with previous generation HUAWEI Y9 2019.

Huawei EROFS Frees Up More Space for You

The device comes with Huawei’s powerful Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS) technology. It provides an improved data compression mode that boosts hard disk performance and increases read speed. When multiple apps are running at the same time, HUAWEI Y9s uses SoC scheduling to assign resources for high priority foreground apps, adjust the number of cores and frequency for different apps.

Additionally it provides timely memory delivery and accurate rapid memory retrieval to ensure foreground apps are running smoothly. The new file system improves random read speed by 20% and saves storage by 14%, releasing more space for the phone to run heavy duty applications. (*Huawei laboratory data)

With the EROFS File System, the phone can create around 2GB in extra storage during actual operation, which means it can store about 1,000 more images or 500 more song files. (*Data from Huawei Laboratory. Assume the size of every song file is 4 M and every image is 2 M.)

Big Battery + AI Power-Saving
4000mAh Large Battery for All-day Use

The HUAWEI Y9s packs a large battery of 4000mAh (typical value), allowing users to make calls, watch videos, play games etc. throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery.

According to Huawei laboratory data, from a full charge the phone offers up to 40 hours of phone calls, 80 hours of music playback, 14 hours of webpage browsing, nine hours of video playback, nine hours of gameplay and 12 hours of navigation. (*Huawei Laboratory data. Battery usage may vary from different situations including network, display brightness and volume settings.)

USB Type-C with a Reversible Plug

The HUAWEI Y9s is equipped with a reversible type-C USB port, which enables users to charge the device more easily than ever. Especially useful in dark environments, a user can quickly plug in without worrying about the correct orientation.

Meanwhile, the HUAWEI Y9s keeps a 3.5mm headphone jack to facilitate the use of traditional high-quality headphones so that users can charge the phone while listening to music with headphones.

EMUI 9.1 Enables a Smart Life
A Smart Assistant that Understands Your Needs

The HUAWEI Y9s is running on EMUI 9.1 to make full use of Huawei’s advantages in software and hardware to properly allocate CPU resources for mobile apps. In addition, EMUI 9.1 can learn about users’ behaviour patterns in mobile apps and accurately predict user behaviour to provide sufficient space to run specific apps, delivering a smooth and fast performance.

Full scene Acceleration technology Creates Smoother Smartphone Operation
Intelligent System Scheduling

Users tend to open multiple apps at the same during daily use. When more than one app is running in the background, devices can slow down and lag. On the HUAWEI Y9s, EMUI 9.1 solves this problem by implementing Intelligent System Scheduling technology.

On one hand, it assigns system resource according to priority level, ensuring high priority foreground apps can operate properly. It is like first class passengers checking in earlier through a priority lane. Similarly, foreground apps are VIPs who can use the “VIP lane”.

Additionally, Intelligent System Scheduling proactively provides resource management to prevent background apps from occupying system resources and causing lag. It can handle performance degradation caused by excessive memory usage after long-term use. In addition, Intelligent System Scheduling can boost app launch speed by 19%*, making the device faster and smoother. It is like you are driving during rush hour, but all the traffic lights are green.

Smart Memory Engine

The HUAWEI Y9s also features a Smart Memory Engine to manage system available memory and optimise memory usage efficiency. In terms of available memory, the device can provide high read speeds through parallel computing, while its EMUI lightweight architecture can save memory and leave more space for the phone to boot and operate faster.

For memory usage efficiency, the Smart Memory Engine supports kernel-level optimization, and adopts dynamic memory management for rapid memory resource allocation. Since both available memory and memory usage efficiency are optimised, smartphone operation fluidity can be improved by 27%*. (*Huawei Laboratory Data).

Stable Signals for All Scenarios

When users are playing games and watching videos, they usually hold the phone horizontally, which may affect the antenna to send and receive signals. The HUAWEI Y9s uses full-scene Smart Antenna, including Antenna Mode Boost, TAS Antenna Switching and AI Tuning, to ensure stable signal transmission even when the user holds the phone horizontally. Therefore, users can enjoy smooth gaming and video playback with the HUAWEI Y9s.

AI Communication 2.0 Keeps You Always Online

The HUAWEI Y9s is powered by AI Communication 2.0 to further enhance the mobile communication experience. For example, when users walk out of a parking lot or an elevator, a phone usually takes a few seconds for signal recovery.

With the help of AI Communication 2.0, the HUAWEI Y9s can quickly re-connect to a network and recover signal. In addition, AI Communication 2.0 offers AI noise cancelling so users can enjoy higher quality and more stable calls.

One Tap for Quick Printing

Thanks to EMUI 9.1, the HUAWEI Y9s can connect with a printer1 via Wi-Fi and easily print out the photos in an album with no need to transfer the files to a PC to print, making the process faster and more convenient. (1 Wireless Printers Only).

Transfer Files within Seconds

With HUAWEI Share, Huawei smartphone users can transfer files rapidly between Huawei devices. When a Huawei smartphone is paired with another Huawei phone or Huawei MateBook via HUAWEI Share, users can transfer files quickly and easily without the need for a USB cable.

Craftsmanship and Brilliant Quality

Huawei has never stopped pursuing high quality craftsmanship as well as improving the reliability of its products. From the selection of components (core components are provided by top suppliers), manufacturing to multi-dimensional reliability tests, Huawei is using strict standards at every stage that are higher than the industry average.

As a brand-new, entry-level smartphone with premium quality, the HUAWEI Y9s has passed comprehensive and professional tests to deliver reliable product quality, allowing consumers to enjoy Huawei craftsmanship at an affordable price.

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