Hubtel’s ‘Request Money’ Helps Businesses Track Payments in Real-Time

Request Money
Request Money

In today’s fast-paced business world, payment processing has become a critical aspect of running a successful business. Organizations need payment options that are fast, secure, and convenient for their customers. Customers also need

Hubtel, Ghana’s leading payment company has introduced a messaging service that allows businesses such as schools, insurance companies, estate companies, churches, and others to attach links to their SMS messages to receive payments from their customers.

While this payment solution offers the standard features such as fast and secure payment options, the main benefit of Request Money is its ability to track payments. Businesses can access the messaging service from, upload files containing their customers’ details, such as phone numbers, policy IDs, student IDs, etc. They can then compose their message and add the “Request Money” link. After filling out the request money form and inserting the link, they can proceed to send their messages.

For instance, a parent paying their child’s school fees can use Request Money to pay the school. The school would send an SMS message with the “Request Money” link attached, which the parent can use to pay their child’s fees. With Request Money, the school can track all payments made on the link sent. They can see when the payment was made, the amount paid, and the parent’s details. This allows the school to keep track of all payments made, reducing the risk of missing payments, and ensuring that their finances are well-managed.

By using Request Money, customers can rest assured that they have made their payments quickly and easily without the need for traditional methods such as visiting the school to issue receipts from the bank as proof of payment. This can save customers time and effort, and ensure that payments are received in a timely manner.

Schools can also benefit from this service as they can easily keep track of all payments made, reducing the risk of missed payments, improving their financial management, and allowing them to focus on delivering quality education to their students.

With Request Money, both schools and customers can benefit from a fast, secure, and convenient payment solution that simplifies the payment process and helps to ensure that transactions are completed smoothly.

If you’re looking for a reliable payment solution that helps businesses track their payments, Request Money is the way to go. By using this service, businesses can manage their finances more efficiently and provide better services to their customers.

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