European Union
European Union

Orban said Hungary was ready to support Poland on all issues vis-a-vis the EU and reiterated his position that the success of the entire European Union depended on the success of Central Europe.

European Union
European Union
Both officials said they were planning to discuss the EU reform package proposed by the British government at a meeting of the Visegrad Group (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), known as the V4, set for Feb. 15.

Both officials underlined their determination to put forward a joint position that reflected the interests of the nearly 65 million people in the four countries.

Orban and Szydlo said they agreed with most of the British proposals but there were points that would have to be negotiated. Szydlo said the proposal on social benefits was unacceptable in its current form.

Migration was another topic on their agenda. Both officials agreed that the southern border of the Schengen zone had to be tightened. Orban warned that the migration wave would continue as long as West European politicians treated the inflow as a positive thing. Szydlo said that while she agreed with a tighter border, the overall problem would have to be resolved outside the borders of the European Union.

Szydlo spoke briefly on her country’s preparations to receive a delegation from the Venice Commission on Monday.

She said that Polish officials had prepared thoroughly and that Venice Commission members would meet with government officials and members of the Polish constitutional Court, where the changes in the Constitutional Court would be discussed.

She also cited Poland’s need to reinforce its eastern border in light of the security situation in Ukraine. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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