I come to you, Nigeria and Nigerians, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. I stand here today as a slave, made from nothing, and then created by God through His Word, Jesus the Christ. I’ve gone through my own faults, Oh Lord, as your servant in search of your best. I’m a child of the Creator of the best things; this I know better. I come to you today, my people, because we are all one in God. But we must never forget from whence our light comes; it is from God. Darkness is the nature of the earth because the enemy was thrown down to earth before we came here, even when we have always been in the Father through His Word and by His Spirit. God, in his humble awesomeness, has purposed that, no matter how satan tries, he will never alter the Word of our great King, Jesus. He is the Son and The Father; He is Equal and One with Godhead. Yet He is The Son. I have come, no more as a servant, but as a son and an heir with Christ. I live, everyday, in the consciousness of my love for Him and His immeasurable love for me, His own. I remember The Blood – this blood that speaks better things than that of innocent Abel. Jesus Christ is a free gift to all men; have Him and have life, refuse him and keep on kicking against the goad. The Word of God stands eternally sure. This Blood he shared on the cross of Calvary and His resurrection made all things new. So is anyone in Christ ? new and free. He’s become my all round shield, provision and keeping. Yes, I come to you all today with the full authority of a Prince who has come of age in the house of his eternally loving father, and has understood that great responsibility is great honor. When my Lord Jesus will put on me the golden crown with beautiful decorations and a name which shall be peculiar to me, my only prayer now is that His children will be numbered before the evil one comes. I shall work the work of my father now that is day, for my own time of glory is coming in a glorious way. Every pain and price has found its cleansing and payment in the blood of Jesus Christ. No man, therefore, is excusable.

In heaven, the pain of losing someone is absent because, there, we have come to know the abundant love and justice of our great King. The people of the earth must know that Jesus Christ has paid for all, and is, he, being a man, yet the father of all, gave himself in love to bring us, as lost sheep, back to our great father through the sacrifice of his blood?dripping blood of man, yet God of all. He has paid every price for me and no other forces shall stand in opposition to His dominion of love in me. He is God over me ? God and Father, yet we can only become one when we have accepted the lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives. My life is a life of beauty and glory because my eyes are gazed on the truth. I love the light that gave me ordination and the authority we have in Jesus Christ. I address the very root of Nigeria and the powers and peoples holding others bound under the pretext of unity in a name and abomination called Nigeria. I address specifically everything and everyone who has stood and is still standing against the realization of sovereign state of Biafra by any means and in any way – hidden or open. Your hour of judgment has come. And so I declare these to you:

1. Let every faulty foundation holding my people in Nigeria fall, and let men who have made themselves gods over others become things of shame before the eyes of the world and those in it.

2. For over fifty (50) years, my people have been in the wilderness in their own land. The Lord is judging satan over Nigeria; and he stands forever rebuked in the presence of our Lord. We escaped slavering in the hands of our taskmasters but jumped into having our neighbors and brothers as the very people who oppose us. The God of justice is opposing them. For decades my people have been turned into vagabonds; the best of bests became a sore sight?yet living. We have endured insults, shame, abuse, killing, injustice and hatred; we have endured everything. God has remembered His Word. And He is watching it to see a manifestation. It’s only by His grace that Ndigbo are alive today. Nigeria has used pogrom, murder, hunger, genocide, denial, marginalization, false-witnessing and provocations on us. They could not get us to renounce our God; now, they have started pogrom against us again? both in the North and in our land. God is speaking now for us ? for those who have been ignored by those who claim to champion peace, unity, progress and life. God is our all. That voice that speaks to that heart of a child’s keeps His people aware. Nations shall be grateful for the actualized Sovereign State of Biafra. Let the light of God, therefore, beam on and consume every principality, power and people opposing the freedom of Igbo in Nigeria. Everyone deserves the freedom that God, in His great love, has given all – mighty, low, rich, poor, healthy, weak, young or old and alive. There is no barrier in Christ Jesus because every man living in his place will forever live in peace.

3. From this day, every pillar holding Nigeria will begin to break down suddenly and steadily to the last. Igbo in Nigeria, a people set aside for God’s glory, has since the dishonest and wicked colonial Britain came with the pretext of freeing fellow men from the prisons of slavery into compelling them in the way of the antichrist. Now that the light still shines, every created thing must honor God’s Word from my mouth because I am a messenger and an heir. And my end is in Christ in glory, not in any other person or force. It is for the freedom of the people to go to the mountain and worship their God. No man born of a woman and no force from the pit of hell which will ever stop the flow of the Spirit.

4. I declare that every state which has opposed and is still opposing the freedom of Biafra, the people of Zion, begin to opposite itself only to propose and beg us to take Israel and to go to the mountain of God to worship. They shall release our profits to us and we will never doubt. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Amen. If He did it before, He can and will do it again. Every state that supports, in every way, the manifestation of the Sovereign state of Biafra will experience mercy, but every thought or tongue that opposes our peace shall writhe under the perpetually consuming fire.

5. This time, our people, the Lord’s flock, shall go, and in peace. The fire and the cloud shall lead the way by the Spirit of God. The people of Biafra are now leaving. And we are leaving with the best of Nigeria; Nigeria and her people will be glad to beg us to take all. We shall be filled. Reasons for songs of joy shall abound also.

6. Those compelled outside of this nation of Biafra shall choose whether to accept their peace in Jesus Christ or remain in the dark. Yet we persuade; we do not force or induce because we know that the hope we have in Christ is eternal and sure. The spirit we have is from God Himself and we know His peace. In the wilderness we knew the comfort of His peace. Now is the hour of salvation and no power will ever be able to diminish the awesome power and glory of our focus, Jesus Christ.

8. In Biafra, the new nation, God’s word shall reign supreme. The fear of God shall be restored and we shall experience the graces in the blood of Jesus while we get ready for the coming day of Christ. No tree from the evil one shall be planted in our land, and no evil leader with the mind of Nigerian leaders at different level of leadership shall lead my people. God, who sent Moses, will also bring Joshua.

9. The purpose of God is to start a new breed that will remind everyone of God’s beauty. What we have been given is something Nigeria will never come into comprehension with. The foundation of Biafra shall be in selflessness; and it was. Now, every block which goes on top of it is already clean because the Word of God will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

10. Those who have denied others of true justice, justice will be denied them in every area of their lives. And those who have stolen from the people bound under Nigeria, everything shall be stolen from you until you cry and make a release. Until and unless Nigerian political, religious and traditional leaders come together to dissolve, amicably, this abomination called Nigeria, fear shall grip young and old among those who reject the truth. Yet, time has been set.

11. The truth is that Nigeria has filled her cup with obvious charm and willingness. Now, the cup must pour so that the plantation of the Lord will stand out. Ignorance in the midst of knowledge is foolishness, and poverty in the midst of plenty is burden which those ready and willing will be rid of. Those who kill and destroy shall be killed and destroyed; those who go about with the spirit of the antichrist killing and destroying lives ? shall face the swift judgment. They have claimed to bring peace but all they give is war and destruction; therefore, their land shall know no peace. The blood-spilling, marginalization, slavery and shame of Ndigbo carried out to this date by the Nigerian government and Nigerians must stop forthwith. Boko Haram kills my people and kills those who gather to burry the ones they have previously killed. Yet the government says ?do not panic.? Boko Haram, with all the help they have got so far, has eternally destroyed the rights to One-Nigeria where Igbo remain the sacrificial lamb. The Unions and human right groups have condemned subsidy but have never been honest enough to speak up against these blatant marginalization and slavery of Igbo in their land. Those who cry ?One Nigeria!? shall have voices drown them to silence, and those who have illegally stashed Nigeria’s money in different accounts and countries of the world shall vomit them without further delay and in the presence of all.

12. Everyone standing in the way of dissolving Nigeria shall be resisted even by the air man breathes and all who oppose the actualization of Biafra and the freedom of other compelled people of Nigeria shall be oppose by the ground itself. Whoever works for the killing and destruction of Igbo and Christians in what was, until now, called one-Nigeria, will be scared of his/her own sleep as everything has begun to work against him/her in every way. Those who receive billions of Naira as salaries will receive billions of sorrows and must vomit all they have stolen they and their people.

I condole with those affected as these things affect me. The only true loss is that of the soul which left without Jesus Christ; those who died in Christ are in peace. I plead with our leaders in the Southeast ? political, religious, and traditional – to have one voice which concedes with the truth of the now ? the reality, advantage, and inevitability of the realization of the sovereign state of Biafra. I demand that they bring the matter of Igbo in Nigeria to anywhere and everywhere human justice may be found in the world. I do these so that no one will be so blind and stubborn that he casts himself out. Let those who seek to keep others bound be forever bound, and let those whose cases have slept in God’s presence receive their answers. Everyone, from the presidency, through ward councilors, to the common man, who seats on peoples’ rights and freedom, is bound under God to release the peace of the people or perish on that seat. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may they find peace who love you. I have decreed and declared these in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior – the Lord and savior of all. Amen. Nigeria is kicking against the rock and has utterly broken. Enough is enough!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

By: Ikechukwu Enyiagu.

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