By Judith Frank Edet
In a recent interview, topnotch artist; Terry G revealed that it was frustration that led him to start singing street songs. He also hinted on how his baby mama runs his pure water business. Read; when asked how he became a musical success, he said
My brother if I tell you say I know how, na lie I dey lie (laughs). I have been studying the industry and I have learnt to give the people what they want. I started with Rhythm and Blues and went to shoot my video in South Africa. The buzz I got from the song was not satisfactory, so I became frustrated and maybe that frustration led me to do the street music I?m doing now- the Apako song.
Speaking on how he balances his business & music he said;
I have a good management team and my baby mama and fianc?e manages this company for me. Her name is Mimi Omoregbe. I?m at rest that no one will steal my money because she is sound and good in business. Mimi, the mother of my son, is based in London and comes here often.
On why Nigerian songs have a lot of lewd lyrics he replied;
You see, today?s music is evil. We call it commercial music. This is the music that brings the millions. People are still doing good music here but there is no buzz. It is the commercial music which some people term ?bad? music that is getting us the millions. It is all about the business of music and the glam that accompanies it. I said before that I was doing good music before, but the buzz was not there. So, I researched what the need is and experimented with songs like Make I Nack You Apako and others. It is not easy doing music; recording a song is a piece of creativity and you just do it from your heart and await the feedback from listeners.
Speaking on marriage, the father of one says,
I will get married when the time is ripe. I?m enjoying my love life now and things are taking shape.


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