I am disappointed in Multi-Media – a readers frustration


I have tried for some time now to avoid what I am about doing but unfortunately I can no longer suppress my anger at the ?LUNATIC? manner with which some radio stations have carried themselves.

Joy FM
Joy FM

I am particularly disappointed at the management of Multi-Media who have so much advanced in Broadcast Journalism in this country, to have all of a sudden shed-off the quality of presentation ? and has taken to the filthy path it is now threading.

Having followed them over the years and appreciating their quality of news presentation and other programmes especially in English ? the introduction of Akan stations have seriously dented Multi-Media?s image in the Broadcast Media landscape.

When it comes to news presentation in Akan, it is so nauseating the manner in which such presenters carry themselves. They carry themselves as unseen comedians than radio presenters. News items are twisted in presentation reducing themselves to ?advertised clowns? in studios.

In that stride, they equally engage people who are good at nothing but to behave the way the presenters lead them. I have been unpleasantly surprised at panelists or what they call guests in these studios who most often behave like common ?LUNATICS? who should not get space in there.

Just last two weeks I listened to Mr. Kennedy Agyepong who went berserk and used very unprintable words in the studios of Adom Television/radio on people he disagreed with which cannot be reproduced here.

This man who sees himself as a super-human has always maintained the penchant at insulting anybody who does not go in the direction of his thinking. That notwithstanding, radio stations see nothing wrong with his public un-culturedness and always find it convenient to invite him to their programmes to insult people at will?
It is very-very unfortunate and the behavior of such people portray journalism in Ghana as a primitive profession in this 21st Century.

I have a fear that one day an influential personality may be crudely insulted by Kennedy Agyepong or his ilk which could trigger some physical attacks on radio stations. I consider such acts equally primitive, but why should we create fertile grounds for them to happen?

Aside the Multi-Media Radio stations, another deservingly respected radio station is Citi-FM which in a short-while shot itself up to prominence in the media landscape. One of its flagship well listened-to programmes called the ?BIG ISSUES? is gradually being turned into not only a ?know-it-all? talk-show but a programme where some panelists see people not thinking on their lines as ?IDIOTS? and ?FOOLISH? people. These insulting words are normally used before the respected Journalist host, Mr. Richard Dela Sky, and he never makes any effort to stop them from such foul language.

Sometime back Happy-FM repeatedly played a voice clip of Alhaji Gurussah who had insulted another sports personality as being ?APONKYE? and ?ODWAN? (GOAT and SHEEP). For almost a year that I was listening to the station, the clip was repeated until I took a decision not to listen to their programmes ? getting back to it only during the sittings of the Djamafe Commission when the station gave good coverage.

I vividly remember the Tema Development Corporation?s (TDC) demolition of private properties at Adjei-Kojo last year. Sad as the exercise was, the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema West, Naa Torshie Addo in whose constituency the area is part, threw caution to the wind when she crudely attacked the Shai Osudoku MP on the issue. The attack on him was just because he headed a Parliamentary Committee which was investigating the incident and took an unprovocative position on it on the same radio.

Her choice of words were so filthy and when the host of ?EYE-WITNESS NEWS? tried to stop her, she was arrogantly adamant ? and yet the respected host maintained her in the interview to the end. I felt sad that day and I seriously think that this emerging ugly trend in Broadcast Journalism must be stopped.

Sadly again, as the unprofessional conduct is allowed to flourish, the statutory National Media Commission (NMC) is conveniently quiet at these unfortunate developments thereby enabling them to blossom to ?perfection?. But when they end up igniting violence it will ?inconveniently? find voice to condemn.

The Ghana Journalist Association and the West Africa Media Foundation have equally been mute, waiting for something to happen before their advocacy voices can be heard. What is happening to us?

We have not been direct witnesses of what bad electronic media practice has cost nations within the African Continent. If we cannot advice/caution ourselves on the violence unleashed on innocent citizens as a result of BAD-MOUTHING ? we will one day blame ourselves on preventable anarchy as a result of our collective inaction.
I have done my part because I fore-see something ugly happening one day.

Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi. 0266223333/0248433700

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