Mr Chris Nana Omari, Assembly Member Aspirant, Sakumono Electoral Area, says the community was lagging behind in development due the “empty promises made by self-seeking politicians who had represented the community in previous assemblies”.

“I am prepared and upbeat of winning the Sakumono Electoral Area seat to serve the community and ensure its development,” Mr Omari, who is a lawyer by profession among five other candidates contesting the Sakumono seat, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Tema.

He said the focus of the District Level Elections ought to be on community engagement and development but alleged that the reverse was happening in some electoral areas as persons who were not growth-oriented had been given the opportunity to serve.

Mr Omari, who participated in a forum organised by the Electoral Commission (EC) and the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), to sensitise aspiring candidates ahead of the forthcoming District Assembly Elections and Referendum, explained to the GNA that Assemblymen and women must focus on development.

The sensitization forum also sought to deliberate on the rules and regulations governing both exercises slated for December 17.

According to the aspirant, Sakumono which was a cosmopolitan community needed a development-oriented and non-politically aligned individual who could identify with residence to bring about the needed change the community yearned for.

“The community members should decide who they want to lead the community – someone who understands and identifies with them and can manage to bring about improvement, empowerment and community development or someone who offers the opposite,” he said.

He lamented that the hitherto clean and developed community Sakumono was noted for had given way to deplorable roads, filth as result of insanitary practices, insecurity issues amongst others and said, “The management of our communities ought not to be politicized as is the case currently”.

With a campaign message, focusing on five thematic areas: youth empowerment, community development, good sanitation, improved security, and education, the Aspirant seeks to transform the community if elected.

“Sakumono is an affluent and middle income community and needs someone who can best represent the people and their interest not any political party interest, but also to ensure that the aforementioned pillars are implemented to the later for sustainable community development,” he indicated.

Touching on security, he stressed that invisibility at night owing to non-functioning streetlights had created fertile environment some miscreants to fester and said “if elected I will collaborate effectively with District Assembly to constitute a Local Security Task Force to curb the insecurity situation.

Mr Omari asserted that the retroactive leadership and blithe apathy exhibited by previous assembly members had stifled the community’s development.


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