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nikki samonas

It is often said that it is difficult to figure out what most women want. But for adorable actress and Sexiest Bikini Wear winner, Nikki Samonas, the one thing she wants, and enjoys doing is dating men. With a gleaming and infectious smile showing her pearly whites to full effect, she told ?Showbiz? that she loves dating men because it gives her the opportunity to meet people who matter in society and also to get connected.

In an answer to what dating means to her and what it entails, she said, ?Dating is not necessarily being intimate. It is more of spending fun time with another person to find out whether you two are compatible and from there you can either decide to take it to the next level or quit.?

Even though she hesitated to state the number of men she had dated, she went on to say that she saw the men as and when she wanted to. ?It is not mandatory for me to see them because of the nature of my job and I respect my job a lot so I see them when I want to,? she said.

?Ladies like dating but they are afraid to come out and say it because of the stigma they?ll face especially in showbiz circles. It is very difficult to say the truth in showbiz because of the insults, name-calling and meaning people would give to what you say.?

She went on to say that dating someone doesn?t mean you?re sleeping with the person. ?I see it as an avenue to know each other. It is a basic requirement for you to choose a partner.?

The host of the African Movie Review on TV3 said the only challenge she has in the movie industry is her complexion as it sometimes denies her certain roles. ?There are times that there are certain movie roles I would love to play but because I am fair and they need someone with a dark complexion, I lose that opportunity,? she said.

?But all in all, movies have opened unimaginable doors for me even though I?ve been tagged as a bad girl because of the romantic roles I play and the sex scenes that come with it.?

To confirm her acting prowess, Shirley Frimpong-Manso, CEO of Sparrow Productions had a lot to say about her. ?Nikki is a very colourful and vibrant actress. People should watch out for her in my upcoming series which will be premiered in March this year. It?s a totally different Nikki.?

Born Nikoletta Samonas but known to all her fans as Nikki, she graduated from KNUST in 2009 where she studied Graphic Design, TV production, Animation and Advertising. Her first appearance in movies was in a minor role in Abdul Salam?s Beyonce and she has since featured in many others, including playing the lead role in AA Production?s Pretty Queen. Other movies she has featured in include War of Roses, Desperate Measures, Deadly Obsession, Pretty Queen, Wrong Line and Red Label.

Nikki Samonas describes herself as a very smart, principled and God-fearing lady with values.

culled from Graphic Showbiz


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