I feel sad and hopeless about the US Military Base in Ghana – Kwesi Pratt

FILED - US soldiers prepare to depart from Kunduz, Afghanistan, by helicopter in 2017. President Joe Biden wants to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a senior administration official said on Tuesday. Photo: Brian Harris/Planet Pix/ZUMA/dpa
US Soldiers

Mr. Kwasi Pratt, Managing Editor of the Insight says he is saddened about Ghana’s decision to host a US military base.

In a viral video , Mr. Kwasi Pratt, raised several points of contention surrounding the US military presence on Ghanaian soil. One of the major concerns highlighted by Mr. Pratt is the alleged lack of accessibility of the military base to the Ghanaian head of state.

Again, he drew attention to a perceived legal arrangement that could grant US soldiers immunity from prosecution in Ghanaian courts for actions carried out while stationed in the country.

Another point of contention raised by Mr. Pratt is the alleged unequal treatment of radio frequencies. He asserted that Ghana has provided frequencies to the US forces without charge, while Ghanaian citizens are required to pay substantial fees to establish radio agreements.

Mr. Pratt also questioned the broader implications of foreign military presence in Africa, employing the analogy of a “global village” to scrutinize whether such arrangements truly serve the interests of African nations. He further raised a thought-provoking hypothetical scenario . “If Ghana were to station a battalion in Washington, how would the response differ”, he asked?


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