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?I never asked anyone where they came from, only where they wanted to go?

?Adolfo Suarez, former Prime Minister of Spain

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) was conceived by the good people of this country and established as an instrument to promote development and bring growth to the Savanna Region and thereby help to alleviate poverty among the poor in that region. Act 805 establishing SADA was designed to coordinate a comprehensive development agenda for the Savanna Region. The objective of the SADA strategy was to develop a diversified and resilient economy that would be pro-poor.

SADA?s main objective was to promote sustainable development in the Savanna Region through re-afforestation and greening to catalyze the reversal of the misfortunes presented by climate change and improve the livelihood of the region?s most vulnerable citizens.

The SADA conception document was worked on by people with goodwill drawn from the whole country. However the implementation stage was hijacked by the elite from the Savanna Region for their personal and selfish interest.

As the Auditor-General?s audit report and the Joy TV documentary show, SADA has become a corrupt instrument used by the elite from the Savanna Region in the greedy, corrupt and incompetent Mahama administration to loot and share the nation?s resources to line their pockets. All the top gurus managing SADA are educated elite from the Savanna Region.

These are the people who prefer to stay in cozy apartments in Accra, ride in the best of cars while their poor impoverished counterparts in the Savanna Region troop down en mass down south to work as kayayei and indulge in serious crimes using unregistered motor cycles.

These educated elite are the people who claimed that the Guinea fowls under their care had migrated to Burkina Faso to mate and they are the same people who decided to embark upon tree planning during the dry season all in the name of humanity to alleviate poverty among their unfortunate tribesmen and tribeswomen in the Savanna Region. This is a classic case of man?s inhumanity to his fellow human being. Wonders will never cease. A fool indeed has said in his heart, there is no God.

How can a nation with brains tolerate and entrust the political administration into the hands of such criminals with warped brains.

The spoils of the Mahama administration are being shared to these educated elite from the Savanna Region, who take part in cabinet meetings and manage strategic institutions of the nation.

These people are currently managing the Central Bank.

They would have put up Central Bank for sale to the highest bidder as their benefactors managing the nation have already sold the oil and gas wealth and the pride of the nation to the Chinese for a lowly loan whose benefit to the nation they cannot explain.

We shall wake up tomorrow to hear that the State House has been mortgaged for a loan from some faceless individuals or has been seized to pay some judgment debs.

The audit report and the Joy TV documentary clearly show that under the greedy, corrupt and incompetent Mahama administration, the educated elite from the Savannah Region are becoming more and more filthy rich through dubious and corrupt means while the poor, who have been impoverished, resort to menial jobs and serious crimes to survive.

Despite this contrasting living pattern emerging in the Savanna Region, I can bet my last bottom pesewas that people from that region will always go out and vote for the corrupt, greedy and incompetent NDC administration, which has brought so much untold hardship to the people of the region in particular and the nation in general.

This is happening in this country and we are tolerating such classical scum because we are a nation without brains to make it. So any idiot can assume power and lord it over the gullible citizens.

Both the Joy TV documentary and the Auditor-General?s audit report make very hallowing watching and breath-taking reading for research students.

In the advanced civilized democracies, Mahama administration would have been consigned to the garbage bin of history and all the members of the administration locked up in the hottest part of hell. But back in this jungle we call home which provides zoo-like entertainment for foreign visitors, the persons in entrusted positions behave with Don Quixotic mindset and throw their weight about.

Listen to the apologetics of the greedy, corrupt incompetent John Dramani Mahama NDC administration on the SADA fiasco despite this unprecedented fraud committed against the nation involving SADA.

A state house staffer is reported to have cautioned the media to measure their discussions on the operations of SADA in order not to destroy the initiative.

What this personality does not understand is that SADA has already been destroyed by the elite from the Savanna Region who were mandated to manage it, as they saw the initiative as a golden opportunity to loot and share the resources among themselves.

The chief kingpin put in charge of the project who appears to have a warped mind defended his greed, his fraudster attitude and his incompetence by stating that the SDA initiative achieved its twin aim of creating employment and planting trees.

J.J. Rawlings where are you. We are waiting for your prescription to deal with these vagabonds. I would like the entire corrupt, greedy and incompetent John Dramani Mahama administration to sit down and watch the Joy TV documentary as well as read thoroughly the Auditor-General?s report on SADA. Indeed all the good people of this country should undertake that singular exercise in order to identify, understand and appreciate the criminals who have managed the affairs of this country for the past six years or so.

This country is seriously bleeding from the nefarious activities of the educated elite in charge of national affairs.

In all these nefarious activities of the educated elite from, these educated elite sell their education, their family names and their conscience for pittance, which in their narrow selfish personal interest appeared gargantuan to them but when viewed against the greater national interest was a complete sellout to the whole nation state.

Most of the times the sellout price could be a scholarship for a child in some university in Europe or the USA, an arranged trip to the USA or Europe,  a house in South Africa or Europe, a four wheel SUV delivered at the door step, or a white envelope containing US$10,000. The price of the black educated elite in leadership position is indeed very cheap.

Education never helped the blackman. The behavior of those in charge of the nation?s affairs as clearly exemplified by what has happened in SADA clearly points out that the higher the education the blackman acquires, the more manifest his idiotic behavior becomes. The greed within him multiplies.

Listen to Busumuru Kofi Annan again. ?In many countries in Africa the wrong kind has made it to the leadership. They see power for the sake of power and for their own aggrandisement rather than a real understanding of the need to use power to improve their countries. The quality of the leaders, the misery they have brought to their people and my inability to work with hem to turn the situation round are very depressing. Unless we find a way of getting them to focus on resolving conflicts and turn to key issues of economic and social development, the effort that we are all making will be for naught.?

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By Kwame Gyasi

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