‘I saw my parents kill me in a dream, so I decided to kill them first in real life’ – Mohammed


COULD it have been the fear of his dream translating to reality that made 19-year-old Mohammed Muibi take the decision to terminate the lives of his parents? Or was it another phase of the criminal tendencies that he had previously exhibited in two robbery outings? These are the posers the operatives of the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit, Oyo, led by the Officer-in-Charge, DSP Olusola Aremu , are trying to unravel as they continue investigations into the boy’s action of shooting his father and stabbing his mother.

According to Sunday Tribune sources, the suspect’s father, Alhaji Babalola Muibi, was in his sitting room in the night of Sunday, September 11, 2011 in his house at Owode area of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, when his son, Mohammed, stormed in.

Before the elderly man could blink his eyes, a loud shot rang out of the pump action rifle the boy pointed at him. While crying out in pain as the shot got him in the leg, other members of the house heard the sound and Mohammed’s mother ran out of the room to see what was happening, only to see her son holding a gun and her husband bleeding profusely from the gunshot injury on his leg.

Screaming, the woman launched towards her son to collect the gun from him, thinking he would respect her as his mother. To her utmost shock, Mohammed aimed the gun at her, pulled the trigger and ran out without waiting to see the outcome of his action. Immediately he left the house, he went to a nearby school and buried the gun he used.

The following day, the suspect reportedly went back to his father’s house for an appraisal of his action the previous day, ready for another action in the event that anyone tried to act funny. Again, it was his mother who sighted him and as soon as she did, she held on to him, trying to prevent him from escaping the second time, but again, Mohammed was ready for his mother. He drew a dagger he had hidden under his shirt and stabbed her in the lower abdomen by the hip. He ran out immediately.

He was said to have left for his father’s second house at Water area of Ogbomoso and was sleeping when his cousins gripped him and handed him over to the police at Owode Division where Oyo SARS operatives were on ground and his case was later transferred to SARS Oyo for further investigations.

Reports also had it that before the attack on his parents, the suspect had been involved in robbery twice and had also diverted for his personal use, a sum of N50,000 which his father gave him to deposit in a bank. Infuriated by his son’s action, Alhaji Muibi had reportedly siezed the electronic gadgets in Mohammed’s room, which he believed were bought with his money and had told the boy that he would only return the siezed gadgets after his son must have returned his money.

Unperturbed by his father’s action, the suspect had gone to one his friends and asked him to follow him to his dad to claim ownership of the electronic gadgets. When they got to Mohammed’s parents’ house, he and his friend met his mother and the woman was reported to have angrily sent her son’s friend away, warning him not to get involved in what was not his business. What followed this was Mohammed’s shocking action.

Speaking with Sunday Tribune at SARS unit in Oyo, Mohammed, who said he was born on December 24, 1992, stated that his action was as a result of the dream he had in which he saw himself killed by his parents. Taking Sunday Tribune down the memory lane to give an insight into his background, the suspect said: “My mother is the first wife of my father and I am the fourth of her seven children. My father has two other wives but they are not staying with my dad, only my mother lives with my father. My father is a transporter and he owns articulated vehicles which are used in conveying goods. I attended Mego Baptist College, Ogbomoso and passed out in 2009. I went to computer training school to acquire skill in computer science.

“I started robbing in 2010 with a friend of mine. We went to a house and stole N300 and a handset. The second time, both of us went to Ogbomoso-Ilorin expressway at about 10p.m. and robbed the passengers of a commercial space bus. We did not use any weapon but broke bottles on the ground to scare them and we succeeded in collecting N8,000 from them. I also started smoking marijuana last year but kept it from my parents.

“It is true that I diverted my father’s N50,000. He gave me the money to go and deposit in an account which I didn’t do. I used the money to buy home theatre which I used to furnish my room. I also used part of the money to buy jeans, marijuana and beer while the rest was used in paying prostitutes for sex. I actually started sleeping with prostitutes while I was still in secondary school.

“ Before shooting my dad, I had a dream in which I saw my parents kill me by strangulating me. I then thought that instead of waiting for that to happen to me, I should kill them first. I went to the ceiling of our house to pick my father’s pump action rifle. I knew he had a gun because he had one day given me his gun licence to go and do a photocopy for him but I didn’t know where he kept it.

“One day, I went to the ceiling of our house when there was an electrical fault and I saw the gun where my father hid it in the space between the ceiling and the roof. So, after I had the dream, I went to pick the gun and headed for my father’s sitting room where he was sitting. I had never handled a gun before but knew how to operate it through the films I had watched.

“I got to the sitting room and shot him on the leg. When my mother heard the sound of the shot, she came out of the room and rushed at me to collect the gun from me. I aimed her, pulled the trigger and ran out with the gun. I moved to a school close to our house, dug the ground and buried the gun. The following day, I went back home but as soon as my mother saw me, she held on to me and said she would not allow me to leave as I had shot my father.

“In order to loosen her grip on me, I brought out a dagger on me, stabbed her once and ran out again. I left for my father’s second house at Water area, Ogbomoso and was sleeping in the mosque of the house when my cousins came to apprehend me, after which they called in the police”.

When asked whether his parents offended him or were not playing their parental roles concerning him, Mohammed replied in the negative, saying his mother used to prepare food for him while his father was giving him money regularly for his upkeep, and it was from the money he was buying wears for himself. “It was the dream I had that made me take the action”, he repeated.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Oyo State, while confirming the story, told Sunday Tribune that at the completion of investigations, the suspect would be charged to court for conspiracy, robbery, attempted murder and assault occasioning harm.

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