I was poisoned, claims Mwakyembe


Dr Harrison Mwakyembe

The deputy minister for Works, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe

Kyela (CCM) Member of Parliament and the Deputy Minister for Works, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe on Sunday confirmed that he had been poisoned by unknown people bent on harming him.

Dr Mwakyembe said that his detractors and all those out to get him will never succeed and vowed to continue with his crusade of speaking out for the voiceless.

“I will always thank the Almighty God for being alive, all those with bad intention and conspired to harm me have been defeated. Medical examination reports confirmed that I had dangerous toxins (poison) in my blood system and the only way to avoid serious damage to the kidneys, liver or heart was by its excretion through the skin,” he said.

“I remember that the last time I was able to wear shoes was October 10, 2011, the day I arrived in India for medical attention. My limbs were swollen and had turned rough like that of an elephant,” he said.

Dr Mwakyembe was speaking during church service at Glory of Christ Tanzania Church in Kawe (Ufufuo na Uzima) where the church’s Senior Pastor, Josephat Gwajima, initiated a weekly programme titled ‘Our Leader’s Wisdom’ which hosts senior government officials or political leaders to discuss issues of national interest.

The programme was officially launched in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the Minister for East African Cooperation, Samuel Sitta, who spoke of foreseeing a new Tanzania with leaders inclined on ensuring that the country’s vast resources benefit the majority of Tanzanians.

They were accompanied by Members of Parliament Hilda Ngoye (Special Seat – Mbeya CCM), Anne Kilango (Same East – CCM), James Lembeli (Kahama – CCM), former Vunjo MP (CCM)  Aloyce Kimaro  and the recently elected Chairman of University Presidents’ Council, Paulo Makonda.

“Dr Mwakyembe has today stood in front of you and confirmed what had befallen him. There are people who intended to kill him by using poison. As poison gradually leaves the body though, it has already done damage to three layers of his skin and he also lost his hair but it is growing anew,” Sitta said.

He lashed out at greedy individuals who have amassed wealth and are causing many people to live in misery. “Some people are going through difficult times but there are selfish individuals who are oblivious to the suffering of others and instead they hatch devious plans against committed leaders,” he said.

Reading from the Bible, the book of prophet Habakkuk 1: 2 -4, Sitta said the wicked who use money and other spiteful strategies to suppress other people’s rights shall never prosper. He said available resources like minerals, wildlife, lakes, rivers, fertile land, crops and others must be shared by all instead of being appropriated by a few individuals.

Same East MP, Anne Kilango also called for the respect of constitutional rights and noted that she will fight for people’s rights because she was elected to serve and speak for the people of Tanzania.

By BILHAM KIMATI, Tanzania Daily News


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