ICE, Spreading Fear among Immigrants in America


ICE CAN BE simply defined as frozen water into the solid state or cubes.

It can also be defined by medical scientists as a stimulant drug which speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and the body.

According to the medical scientists it is a type of methamphetamine which is generally stronger, more addictive and has more harmful side effects than the powder form known as speed.

In United States of America [U.S.A.] a third meaning of ICE with the acronym Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE] is a household name among immigrants.

A mere mention of ICE in America causes a lot of fear and panic among illegal immigrants in the country making them to live in anxiety.

How U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE is terrorizing immigrants in America, let us get the story from STEPHEN A. QUAYE, a freelance based in Toronto-Canada.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

POO, POO, POO, the phone at the receiving end sounded followed by computerized message,” sorry the number you are calling is not reachable”.

Just two weeks ago, Kwaku, a Ghanaian living in Toronto-Canada called his friend Yaw in one of the states in America and never had problem speaking to him on his cell phone.

They had a lengthy chat, shared jokes and life experience as far as living in the diaspora is concern. Only to call him again a week after to find out that he was not reachable.

It could be the person had been arrested and his phone blocked as usually done by immigration officers.

Or, he has relocated to another state without a word or has gone “underground” to avoid being reached by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE.

Before January 20, 2017, anyone in any part of the world could call a relative in any part of United States of America USA, and have a lengthy chat with him.

Since Mr. Donald Trump, was sworn in as American president and vowed to fulfil his campaign promise of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants from the country, phones of suspected illegal immigrant relatives, loved ones are now not reachable.

In other words, immigrants irrespective of their home of origin do not want to be reached by these scary mask wearing ICE officers.

Currently in most of the states in America, hundreds of immigrant parents have entered into legal agreements to give powers to friends and loved ones to pick up their children from school and access their bank accounts to pay their bills in event they are arrested by ICE.

It has been learnt that some illegal immigrants are carrying around wallet size know your rights guides in Spanish and English that explains what to do if they are rounded up.

It is so disturbing to learn that in some states, illegal immigrants are careful about answering the door and start making worried phone calls when someone does not come home on time.

Ghanaians will recall that President Donald Trump vowed during the U.S. Electioneering campaign that he will shove away 11 million illegal immigrants in America.

Going by his words, his efforts of sending home these immigrants have spread fear and anxiety and led many people to brace for arrest and to change up their daily routines in hopes of not getting caught.

In hopes of not getting caught, some people have developed a network to keep each other updated via text messages on where immigration check points have been set up.

It was observed that majority of these immigrants who are living in fear and anxiety, also makes certain everything they does is in order at all times.

They check their taillights before leaving home, not speed and keeps a close eye on their surroundings.

What is so surprising to note is that petty offences such as aforementioned can get one a police ticket and get them back to their original home.

The unease among immigrants has been building but intensified in recent times with ever-clearer signs that the Trump administration would jettison the Obama-era policy of confusing mostly on deporting those who had committed serious crimes.

President Donald Trump Administration announced on February 23, 2017 that any immigrant in the country illegally who is charged with or even convicted of any offence or even suspected of a crime will now be an enforcement priority.

Surprisingly, that could include people arrested for shoplifting or other minor offences or those who simply crossed the border into America illegally.


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