Born of a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother, he had his first acting experience in the movie ‘Things we do for love’. A ‘Best Actor’ nominee at the 2012 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Majid Michel speaks with Golden Icon TV.

Was it hard for you to break into the industry?

No it wasn’t very hard, I started in 1999, I really warmed up, and I wasn’t very out there because I wasn’t an outstanding actor. So I went to film school and that was when I learned [to be] outstanding.

Who would you have been if not an actor?

I would be an actor or probably behind the camera because that’s all I have passion for.

Have you ever directed a film?

Not yet, but I will definitely do that before the end of the year. I will do it, not for money, but for my passion.

Who are you looking forward to working with in the nearest future, internationally?

James Cameron; director of Titanic and Avatar, and it doesn’t mean I don’t want to work with any other person, but it’s just a preference. For production house, I’d like to work with Warner Bros.

When in your career do you think you will feel satisfied?

I just want to be in one serious big movie directed by James Cameron, or be in a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio. I want a film with serious action and directed by great Hollywood directors. I want a wild action film.

If you make it to Hollywood, do you think you will still be acting in African movies since they are two different worlds?

Yes I would, but is there anything extraordinary about me they can come for? Nothing! There is nothing I can do that Brad Pitt and the like can’t’ do. We need talented African film makers who can get us to that level, and I believe we are getting there.

Let’s talk about sex scenes, how far would you go on a sex scene?

Do you mean if I can go nude in a movie?


You know what (bursts into laughter), what I do is pick up a script, digest it and once I accept to do it, I think I am bound to follow the writer and director’s wish. If I am to act alongside international act like Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio, I will do it. Halle berry did it and she got an Oscar, so why won’t I do it to get an Oscar?

How does your wife feel watching the sex scenes?

She understands me, she knows the movies, I tell her about the script and when it comes to the sex scene, she turns her face away until the whole thing is over and then she continues watching the film after.

How do you balance your career and marriage?

I think that’s the simplest thing to do. I get a script, I discuss it with my wife, and I usually stay away from my family for concentration.

Do you like travelling?

I hate travelling. I don’t like flying at all, I feel like talking to the pilot all the time for safety measures, you know (laughs)

Who do you think is the sexiest lady out there?

In the movie industry, I will pick Sam Iyke and Halle Berry. My wife is just like Halle Berry, but her body is better.

What is the greatest misconception about you?

People get carried away with your character and they take you for the character you play.

What’s the greatest reaction you have gotten from a fan?

A girl flew from Germany to see me, my wife just called me that there was a girl in the house crying. I felt astounded, like if somebody could fly all the way from Germany to see me…

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done to your wife?

I took her to her dream place, Venice, in Italy.

What is the simplest thing you have ever done for her?

Once in my life I cooked her breakfast and took it to her in bed.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

I have a film called ‘Guilty pleasure’ which I did with Ramsey Nuoah and I enjoyed it. Ramsey is my icon and I want to do another movie with him.

What made it real?

I think it’s the cast, everything was very real. Nse, Ramsey’s wife in the film, she was wild and you’d really think I was sleeping with my brother’s wife. I like being Ramsey’s brother in films.

So, how many movies have you done?

Less than fifty.

Mention three of your favourite Nollywood actors/actresses you have worked with.

Mercy Johnson, Genevieve and Ramsey.

Pick one, Genevieve or Mercy Johnson?

They are beyond comparison; they both have different way of delivering their roles. Mercy is incredible and Geneive taught me how to act.

When it comes to music, what do you like to listen to?

I have fourteen songs on my phone and all of them belong to one person, Adol. I listen to Adol whenever I do anything. I also love Rihanna and Beyonce. My ring tone is a Rihanna song.

What big projects do you have coming up?

My last big project was somewhere in Africa. I did it with my favorite director Frank Rajah; he does 80% of my job, and I am just left with the 20%, which is acting.

Which country have you enjoyed visiting the most?

Holland. Holland is a place where you can buy weed on the street and smoke.


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