Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie founder/Director of CELPS
Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie founder/Director of CELPS

He is not a politician, trader or traditional ruler, yet he has already made a mark in Ghana and Africa as a popular leader. The man Mr. Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie, a Ghanaian from Walembele in the Northern Region of Ghana is a household name in educational circles in Ghana Africa and the world over. He is charting a course geared towards African unity and integration through the teaching of relevant languages. He is credited for training thousands of French speaking Africans who are now leading teachers, ministers?, diplomats and civil servants in Africa. Three out of five people in Guinea, Togo Congo DR, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Benin, Cameroon know or have heard about Mr. Iddrisu Dimbie

Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie founder/Director of CELPS
Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie founder/Director of CELPS

He is the founder of Center for Languages and Professional Studies based in Accra and Conakry in Guinea and on a verge of establishing more language centers in other countries in Africa. .

The Centre in Accra was established in 1991 by Mr. Dimbie with one student at Kotobabi in Accra. The school has now grown to become one of the largest professional schools with a population of 800 students from countries such as Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Benin, Chad and D.R Congo.

Mr. Mumuni Dimbie began as a language teacher to teach French speaking Africans the English language. It was then meant for them to be able to communicate with English speaking Africans from Ghana, Nigeria Europe and other countries. However the early aim of establishing the school has gone beyond its boundary to something big.
On a daily basis and throughout the year, the centre receives many students from French, Portuguese and Arabic speaking countries in Africa for short and long term courses in English and other languages. It has very qualified graduate teachers who are good at teaching French, Arabic and Portuguese speaking students. An interaction with the French speaking students in English is enough to tell the effort being made by the school to train the students. Apart from the teachers the school has a well equipped language laboratory and research center. The school also has a first class internet connection for the school that is meant for research by the students.

In an interview, Mr. Iddrisu Mumuni Dimbie said the establishment of the school was in line with the ideas of the founding fathers of the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Mr. Dimbie said the school has succeeded in bringing Africans from different countries together who see themselves and each other as one people in one continent with a common destiny. In Ghana the students are well received everywhere they go from their neighborhoods, markets and government and private firms. It is true that the students are happy in Ghana especially when they embark of recreational activities and excursions to historical sites such as castles and forest reserves.

according to Mr. Iddrisu Dimbie, the Centre is leading the way towards Africa’s integration by the interactions that go on among the students and the people of Ghana. Apart from English the school has introduced the teaching of Chinese Arabic French and Arabic for the benefit of all those wanting to be bilingual and multi lingual. Currently oils and gas training is taking place in the school to produce workers to fill positions in the emerging oil industry in Ghana and Africa. The school has also widened its scope in Africa by establishing a branch in Guinea Conakry where so far 8,000 students have been taught English.

Mr. Iddrisu Dimbie is also instrumental in the establishment of Ghana Guinea Friendship Association for Integration and Development in Ghana. This organization which has yours truly as the secretary has brought together citizens of the two countries who meet to discuss issues common to them regularly. We have met the new Ambassador of Guinea to Ghana to discuss how to attract Ghanaian investors to Guinea. This program is meant to open up Guinea for investment in education, mining, housing, commerce and industry. In view of the sudden emergence of the Ebola scare this plan will take some time to materialize.
However we are not silent on Ebola. Through the instrumentality of Mr. Idrissu Dimbie the school has carried out a sensitization program for the students of CELPS. That has brought awareness to the over 800 students who are also educating other people on Ebola.

In view of the importance of education to Ghana and Africa, Mr. Dimbie is appealing to the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND) to come to the aid of the school to improve its infrastructure. Students of the school are serious with their studies as results of their exams show.
Every year many graduates of the school are awarded with certificates in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

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