Home Entertainment Identity Debate Erupts as Ghanaian Model Prepares for Japan Fashion Show

Identity Debate Erupts as Ghanaian Model Prepares for Japan Fashion Show

Damarea Liao
Damarea Liao

Ahead of her debut at a fashion show in Japan, model Damarea Liao finds herself at the center of a cultural debate surrounding her heritage and identity.

Liao, a rising fashion model, identifies as ‘Afro-Asian,’ citing her complex background that includes Japanese, Ghanaian, and Nigerian roots. However, questions have arisen about whether she has the right to claim both African and Asian identities.

The debate intensified after Liao refrained from sharing photos of her parents on social media, stating that they prefer to keep their lives private. This reluctance to disclose her family background has fueled speculation about her true heritage, leading to discussions about her authenticity as an African descendant.

In response to the controversy, Liao removed the flags representing her countries of origin from her Instagram bio, a move that occurred following a conflict with American socialite Kim Kardashian.

Critics have labeled Liao with the term “colored,” a racial slur in the United States, suggesting that her lack of cultural representation on social media reinforces perceptions of her identity.

Additionally, some have criticized Liao’s makeup choices, alleging that she uses darker foundation and tinted lip tints to enhance her appearance with “melanin features.” Similar scrutiny was faced by South African singer Tyla after her debut song, “Water,” sparked discussions about her racial identity in the U.S.

Despite the controversy, Liao remains resolute in embracing her multifaceted identity. In a recent interview, she emphasized the importance of accepting all aspects of herself and urged others to focus on her achievements rather than her appearance or background.

As Liao prepares to make her first appearance as a model in Asia at the Japanese Spring fashion show, the debate surrounding her identity continues to captivate attention and raise important questions about cultural representation in the fashion industry.

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