IEA Hold President John Mahama To Task

IEA Ghana
IEA Ghana

21st November. 2012
For many years now, the NDC and the President have avoided the credible corruption charges against them by AFAG, the media, whistle-blowers and other civil society groups. Today, the IEA has the opportunity to bring the President to respond these alarming corruption charges. Ghanaians expect the IEA not to fail in this endeavour.
AFAG on our part wishes the President to respond to these issues and if he fails to respond to them as he has done on many occasions, IEA must bring him to answer them in the interest of national development, accountability, transparency and probity.
AFAG urges the President to tell the nation his fight against corruption, with respect to the following issues;

These are our concerns;
1. On the Alfred A. Woyome scandal, on April, 2010, before the matter was commenced in court Hon. Mould-Iddrisu advised Dr. Kwabena Duffuor to pay two percent (2%) of the total value of the stadia project to Alfred Woyome (a total stranger) and Austro Invest (an unknown company), for an alleged breach of agreement with GoG. On 28th May, Hon. Mould-Iddrisu wrote to Hon. Dr. Duffuor, Finance Minister with a copy to the Chief of Staff that she had negotiated with Alfred Woyome for him to accept the negotiated amount of GH?41,811,480.59 and that ?having regard to the judgement debt against the State, I am of the opinion that we resolve this matter once and for all.?

Our Questions
In the face of these blatant act, why has his government failed to prosecute Mrs Betty Mould Idirissu in accordance with Financial administration Act 2003(Act 654) because at the time of her urges, She had documentary evidence that, Mr Woyome had no contract with the government of Ghana.

2. As of December 2008, the SSNIT Informal Sector had mobilized an amount of GH23, 000,000.00 from contributors. Today, this amount has been transferred from the SNNIT Informal Sector Accounts to a private account operated by Mr Kwame Peprah.
a. AFAG wishes to know the where about of the GH23,000,000.00
b. The action he is taking to settle contributors and retrieve the funds.

3. In the matter of the sale of TRUST BANK shares to ECOBANK,
a. The nation wishes to know why your government would sell a profitable and high performing Ghanaian Bank to Ecobank

(Record of former TRUST BANK: There was no need for the sale. TTB was performing well.
? Though the Bank of Ghana requires a minimum of 60 million Ghana cedis as capitalization for local banks in Ghana, TTB?s capitalization is 125 million Ghana cedis. This means, it is capable of operating 2 more local banks
? TTB was near merging with Home Finance Company (HFC) but this was stopped by the SSNIT board of trustees who were un-comfortable for such expansion
? TTB?s end on year profit in 2010 was 50% over 2009. Net profit in 2010 was 12 million Ghana cedis
? TTB board set a target of 19 million cedis profit in 2011. However, 2011 profit was 23 million Ghana cedis)

b. The nation wishes to know why the shares were sold to ecobank at GH12.00/share instead of the GH14.00/share as evaluated by PriceWaterHouse Cookers

4. Mr President, the nation wants to know where your party raised USD20, 000,000.00 to build your party?s Ultra-Modern Office Building?
In conclusion, AFAG and the Nation wish that, as you respond to these issues accordingly. Failure to do so, AFAG expects the IEA to put these vital issues of concern to Ghanaians.

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Mutalla Mohamed 0243807244
Davis Opoku 0244861593
Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie 0244780359

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