My points and facts from geographical, topographical evidence of those areas in Abia State, Imo State, Anambra state and Anioma areas and is that Igbos don’t have to take any other tribe land or Sea to have access to the Atlantic Ocean. The international law of the sea guarantees Igbos access to the sea peacefully by the many short distance rivers, waterways, tributaries etc. that flows into the Atlantic ocean from Igboland.

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My point is that in Abia State, Imo State and Anambra State Igbos have access to the Atlantic Ocean by a shorter distance of dredging Imo River, Azumiri River, River Niger in Anambra and many water ways, tributaries and oguta lake etc. have a very short distance access to Atlantic Ocean shorter than Portharcourt Port sea port, Calabar sea Port and Ibaka sea Port in Akwa Ibom State. Many of these access including Imo River, Azumiri Rivers etc. all flows into the Atlantic Ocean and many of them with about 15 to 30 Nautical miles into Atlantic Ocean less than far away Calabar Sea Port, Onne Sea port and Ibaka Akwa Ibom Sea Port that are further out to Atlantic than some of those in Igboland by geography and topography. For example “Fact one, IkwerreLand/Porharcourt and Porthhacourt seaport was dredged 40 to 50 Miles to sea from the Bonny River to Atlantic Ocean. Onne Sea Port in Ogoni land was dredged 50 to 60 Miles to Sea from Bonny River for Larger ships to Atlantic Ocean. Calabar Seaport was dredged 45 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean. Akwa Ibom Ibaka deep seaport is about 30 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean. Compare that to Obuaku Ndoki Port in Abia State which is only 25 nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean from the confluence of Imo River and Azumiri (blue River) in Abia State, which is a large and deep body water of high flowing and rich rivers. Azumiri Blue River in Abia State is also 25-30 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean for a big Seaport and big ships.

Compare that to Northern Nigeria, Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguiri, Chad, Niger, Central African Republic which are about 2000 (two Thousand) mile to 3000 (Three Thousand ) Miles to the nearest sea or Atlantic Ocean and which takes any way from two weeks to one month for heavy goods and services to get to the nearest seaport or ocean for export or importation at a very high cost.

The possibility of a Seaport in Igboland is real and absolutely possible. We are able and the facts are real and on ground and you know it. Stop your Nigeria deceit and agony that have kept Nigeria in pain for ages.

Also, We Igbos are at peace not at war with our brothers and sisters from Akwa Ibom State, Cross Rivers State, Rivers State, Ibibios, Ijaws, Efik etc, in Niger Delta, South South and Niger delta. When you look at the situation in Former Eastern Region we live in perfect peace with them and Igbos work with them to maintain the peace and harmony that is existing today among all the tribes of former Eastern Region, South South and Niger Delta. We vote together, we fought together, We are mixed by DNA and blood going thousands of years. Nigerian factors of hate and division no matter how bad from the civil war experience has not divided us, but rather we all have learned good experiences from the civil war error to respect and honor each other today in this new age going forward.

Afis, Please look at the where and places that hatred and division is in high gear, The killing fields of Middle belt, the killing fields of plateau, the killing fields of Southern Kaduna, the Killing fields of Benue State and Taraba, The killing fields of Adamawa, the killing fields of Borno, the Killing fields of Nothern Oyo State, The klling fields of Nothern Yoruba States, the Killing fields of Kwara and Kogi State , the Fulani killing fields, the killing fields of Kano, the Killing fields of Kaduna and above all the killing fields of Boko Haram in all of Northern and Western Nigeria. All these hatred have killed and massacred about one million people in the last 30 years from religious and ethnic hate and animosities in these areas. None of these consistent large scale killings and deep hatred of ethnic and religious killing fields and massacre have ever happened in Eastern Region, South south or South east or Niger delta region. Igbos are at peace with their neighbors.

The massive and consistent ethnic and religious hatred and killings fields of the Northern Nigeria, Middle Belt and Northern Yoruba areas should worry you now more, because even General Gowon cannot even go home in peace to live in his village or town. Former Eastern region is at peace and we know it.


Ugo Ukandu

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