IGP Mohammed Alhassan admired for his high standards


Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan
Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan

It is a cross cultural norm that people would be anxious in expectation of who occupies a leadership position especially a coveted and a sensitive one like the INSPECTOR GENERAL of a police service or force in any country.

Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan
Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan

Ghana as a country has never been handicapped of intellectual pool or farm, hence the timely and appropriate appointment of a brilliant citizen and an academecian whose name is annexed above.

An african proverb maintains that “to whom much is given ,much is proportionately expected ” and i as a serving member of this noble service feels Mr Alhassan has lived to this expectation following his confirmation and appointment as the inspector general of Ghana’s police service in June 2013.

The only IGP i have often seen in my over eight years in the service is Mr Alhassan Mohammed. He is simply as active as a twenty year old young man full of energy and strength trying to visit and patrol to have a first hand information throughout his entire jurisdiction which includes eleven police regions, …..divisions, districts ,stations and posts. He is heard communicating on radio set even at dawn until a colleague once asked to know whether IGP sleeps or not.

A simplistic and decorous officer i have found him to be. Mostly, he is found on foot interacting with every junior officers he is directly or indirectly responsible to. I have seen Mr. Alhassan visit my command many times with the normal patrol pick up van and this shows how simplistic he is and a great sense of dedication to serving humanity.

His concept of contemporary,innovative and proactive policing is evident in the Ghanaian society today. I wondered how Mr Alhassan was going to setup ,enforce and maintain the VISIBILITY patrol unit which has today increased police presence and accessibility to the general public but he has made it a success.

This system has also subdued the fear of criminal attack at night on the citizenry by some unscrupulous People and has rather installed confidence in moving about freely in the Ghanaian society at any time and moment of the day.

In addition, capacity building ,education and modern methodology of policing seem to be another distinct trait in Mr Alhassan. The Ghana police service can now boast of a command and staff college which functions as an institution that re-trains commanders and senior officers on modern dimensions in crime combat and law enforcement. Refresher and re-training courses being organized for the junior officers for promotions and riot control in a re-reinforced mode has actually equipped officers fit and capable for 21st century policing.

Furthermore, the leadership of Mr Alhassan has seen a new formation ,structure and resourcing of operational units and the internationalization of the Ghana police service. The formed police unit (FPU ) which hitherto was called the armoured car squadron (ACS ) has now achieved international status of operational policing. This elite unit has a salad of multi -purpose professionals including its own medical team ,engineers ,snipers ,ballistic and forensic experts and so on.

The newly introduced police Badge of authority which contains the identification features of the officer adds to the beauty and integrity of the service and i believe its the first in the sub -region.

As my ink drops down the level of the ball ,i would hasten to add one more of the many reasons why Mr Alhassan is a standard for posterity.

In October 2015, the ingenuity of IGP Mr Alhassan hinted that the Ghana police starts its own university college soon. This was an idea that amazed and overwhelmed the entire members of the service except that many of us came out in a rush to demand much clarity on the mode and criteria for admissions. I personally believe that the Ghana police service through the sanctity and the holistic operation of its university college would begin to host ECOWAS members as it already does but in a larger quantity. The service would again win the stiff recognition and trust by the United Nations

Above all, i feel this generation has been unfair to great men and exceptional thinkers like Mr Alhassan.
I have heard so much about my Boss especially his distinctive performance in the United Nations and even as a commander in some regions in Ghana but why has very little been written about him?

As a mentee,I visited my mentor’s wikipedia in search of some vital informations as a means of motivation and knowledge acquisition but unfortunately, barely two sentences in total was written about this “big brain ” :quite pathetic to history and academics in Ghana.

Fellow Ghanaians,kindly permit me to salute the Chief Constable of Ghana’s police service with a big regimental jargon “ahua” sir! for his meritorious job in the society.

Corporal Thomas Akanyibah

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