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His Royal Highness Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi Okudaa-Ibube I, Eze Udo of Dome-Kwabenya has pledged to collaborate with the Ghana Police Service to maintain peace, security, law, and order in Dome-Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

According to him, collaborating with the police to clamp down on criminal activities, is pivotal to finding lasting solutions to insecurity.

He made the pledge during his coronation ceremony on November 28, 2021.

In an interview after the coronation which was held at the Koans Estate, ACP Junction, the newly installed Igbo Sub-Chief of Dome-Kwabenya, His Royal Highness Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi Okudaa-Ibube I, Eze Udo of Dome-Kwabenya stated that “My plan for the area is to sanitise the entire area because it is clear that once in a while, you see some crimes coming up and the majority of them are allegedly being committed by my fellow Nigerians.


I have specifically chosen to be on this seat to prove to all Ghanaians that not every Nigerian is a criminal”.

His Royal Highness Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi Okudaa-Ibube I, Eze Udo Dome-Kwabenya noted that “I’m here to work with the police, Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya and anybody who need my assistance to sanitise the area in general, to ensure security in the community.

“My people within my jurisdiction, I’ve already called them in a meeting, and after this day, I will swing into action by trying my best to advise them on the best way of life.

Ghanaians and Nigerians are one so when we build a solid foundation with understanding unity and peaceful coexistence, we will have a lot to do together in our relationships”.

The Igbo Community in Ghana under the paramountcy of King of Igbo-Ghana, His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, crowned the Sub-Chief in Dome-Kwabenya under the traditional area led by Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya.

Eze Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu in his remarks said “We as foreigners can’t install a Chief in the land of Ghana without the approval of the owners of the land. Gbese Mantse Nii Ayi Bonte II has given his approval for the installation.

We’re very glad that the Gbese Mantse and Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya have given approval for the installation of the new Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi”.

Igbo-Ghana King His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu noted that “We’re promising the Government of Ghana and the indigenous people of Ghana, that we will be law-abiding, that we must respect the laws of Ghana, and through the installation of various chiefs, we’re reaching out to our people to obey the Constitution of Ghana, whilst strengthening the relationship between the two countries in the area of culture and tradition”.

“We thank all for showing up and celebrating the Igbo culture with us together.

It will help the development agenda and collective security, collaboration with the police to foster a peaceful atmosphere, champion infrastructure, and others of the Dome-Kwabenya area.

According to Igbo-Ghana King His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, “Today is a special day where Igbos living in Ghana assemble in unity to coronate one of our illustrious sons, we’re coronating him to be the King of Igbo Community in Dome-Kwabenya and the Paramount King of Igbo-Ghana His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu is in position to give the authority to represent me in Dome-Kwabenya”.

His Royal Majesty Dr. Chukwudi said “It’s important to anchor the point that ” The owners of the land Gbese Mantse Nii Ayi Bonte has given us approval and authority, the Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya, the Kingmaker is here for his approval and he has also given traditional authority to him.

We’re very grateful to the people of Ghana, Dome-Kwabenya, and the Gbese Mantse, and we’re so much happy, Igbos have gathered here today to celebrate our culture and to give solidarity to His Royal Highness Eze Tony Ulasi Okudaa-Ibube I of Dome-Kwabenya in Ghana, thank you so much. I pray that each and everyone here in Ghana will be submissive to the authority of the country.

Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya on his part noted that “This is a very important occasion which concerns two countries- Ghana and Nigerian as far as ECOWAS is concerned, we have the rights to movements with the sub-region to enter each other. We have most of their people here in Ghana living with us in our community.


Therefore, it’s very important to recognise their leader so that in case of any issue, we will know who to connect to resolve them for peaceful coexistence because they have a large population in Dome-Kwabenya”.

For Nii Ofoli Mankralo of Dome-Kwabenya, “My expectation is that he will collaborate with Ghana Police to bring decency in our community. I want him to make sure that there is peace and unity among Ghanaians and Igbos in Dome-Kwabenya”.

Meanwhile, Igbo Sub-Chief Arusi Agbautoefe of Adoteiman has urged his fellow Nigerians to strictly obey the laws of Ghana. According to him, the only way his fellow Nigerians can guarantee their stay in Ghana is to stay out of trouble by acting in consonance with the laws of the land.

“I want to tell my fellow Nigerians in Dome-Kwabenya to be loyal to His Royal Highness Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi Okudaa-Ibube I, Eze Udo Dome-Kwabenya, and I’m certain that Eze will also be loyal to them and with this, the community and Ghana will be a better place to live in peace to foster a potent force of unity.

My fellow Nigerians, do things according to law.

If you see your fellow Ghanaian and want to marry her, do so according to law, if you wish to buy land, do so according to law. Don’t pursue anybody’s wife, don’t impregnate someone’s wife in Ghana and run away.

If you run away, you have not solved the problem, you’re postponing the problem. Be bold enough as a Nigerian to fix it when it’s broken in line with the laws of Ghana. “.

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