Illegal Mining
Illegal Mining Rears Its Ugly Head Again
Illegal mining in Atiwa led to the pollution of many water bodies
Illegal mining in Atiwa led to the pollution of many water bodies

A 31- year-old illegal miner who inflicted cutlass wounds on his colleague at Ata-ne-Ata a village near Huni Valley has been sentenced to five years imprisonment by a Tarkwa circuit court.

Godfred Wonvana pleaded guilty.

Prosecuting Chief Inspector Edward Paddy told the court presided over by Mr. Samuel Obeng Diawuo that on Saturday March 15 the victim, Kwabena Alhaji, returned from his illegal mining work in morning, slept and woke up to realize that his 75 Ghana cedis had been picked from his pocket.

He said the victim made announcement at the village and nobody owned up to have taken the money.

Inspector Paddy said on March 18 Kwabena and his friends together with the convict were gathered in the village when the victim raised the issue of his stolen money.

He said Godfred had a quarrel with the victim that he was insinuating he the convict had stolen his money.

The Prosecutor said the convict went into his room, brought out a sharp cutlass and attacked the victim who sustained serious wounds on his two hands.

Those around collected the cutlass from Kwabena but he went for a big stick and threatened he would kill the victim and again the friends collected it from him.

Inspector Paddy said the victim was taken to the Huni Valley Health Center where he was admitted and discharged the next day.

He said the victim after the act escaped to a different village but he was later arrested by the young men in the village and handed him over to the police. GNA


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