IMANI expands operations to cover West Africa

Franklin Cudjoe
Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI currently operates in Francophone West Africa

In case you didn’t know, IMANI currently operates in Francophone West Africa. Ms Berthe Bognini who is responsible for IMANI Francophone-C?te d?Ivoire, Isidore Kpotufe Coordinator for IMANI Francophone project and focus on Guinea, Alan Renaud Alan Akakpo responsible for IMANI Francophone-B?nin, Mahamadou Camara (IMANI Francophone-Mali) and Abdel Hamid BIEMA responsible for Francophone in Togo have been been focusing on the politics and economies of Francophone and Lusophone countries with special reports on upcoming elections in C?te d?Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

Franklin Cudjoe
Franklin Cudjoe
Alan Akakpo recently visited Benin to ascertain the level of preparedness of that country for the next elections in March 2016. A presidential hopeful in Benin paid a courtesy call on IMANI in Accra to understand how the centre could advice on strategies for defeating poverty in Benin.

In two weeks, The IMANI-Francophone team will team up with Malian think tank, Centre for research studies and analysis, the public University of Mali in Bamako and the Cabinet Independent Translation and Consultation limited (CITRACO) to deliver a course in effective think tank work in Mali.

IMANI Francophone is one of the flagship projects of Ghana-based think tank IMANI Center for Policy and Education whose primary mission is to replicate the vision of the think tank in many parts of Francophone Africa, mainly through solutions-driven, research-oriented publications and other strategic activities. On more specific terms, IMANI Francophone works to: (i) influence policy decisions at all government levels, (ii) shape public opinion on issues of national interests (iii) and improve political, civil society and media activism in its different countries of intervention in the interest of development. Its thematic research areas include governance (political, economic, natural resources, agriculture, regional integration and trade and climate change.

The project, supported by Osiwa is in its pilot stage and currently operates in five West African countries ? Togo, Benin, Mali, C?te d?Ivoire and Guinea with at least one research assistant working on each country.

Since its official launch in June 2014, IMANI Francophone has undertaken a number of activities true to its objectives, and within a short period of time, achieved an appreciable level of success. Over the past fifteen months, the project has recorded over fifty (60) publications, 40 of which have been cited in external works and 55 published in at least more than five (5) leading francophone media outlets on the continent, including,, Fraternit? Matin, La nouvelle Tribune, Le Point Afrique.
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