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Amazon & Jeff Bezos
Amazon & Jeff Bezos

Now that Amazon’s MMO has been out for a while, it’s time to see if it was actually worth the wait. New World presents itself as an ambitious answer to some of the MMO world’s biggest giants.

Titles like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and Black Desert Online have reigned the genre for over a decade, and the contenders that have managed to rise are all but relegated to niche audiences with an unquenchable passion.

With New World though, things have been a lot more ambitious. Thanks to the heavy resources behind a trillion dollar company like Amazon. Jeff Bezos sure must be smiling on his way to the bank!

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How New World is presented

New World is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that feels similar to your favorite third-person title, but with swarms of other people roaming about. It does not require players to choose between classes, but rather between one of three factions. Instead of a Western fantasy setting, New World feels like it was plucked from the pages of a 1700s alternate history book. You can challenge other players, but you’ll definitely want to focus on ridding the environment of Corrupted Breaches, which are blood-red clouds that billow about you and create creatures that may easily kill your character.

Although it adheres to genre norms by requiring you to grind for levels and resources for hours on end, New World also avoids some of the most vexing MMO elements. It does not compel players to form groups for raids or to specialize on arbitrary jobs or subclasses. Instead, New World provides a big, distinct environment ripe for exploration on foot (which is a good thing, because there are no horses) and a gameplay loop that keeps you going back for more.

The Story so far

The story of New World takes place in a magical, altered version of 18th-century North America. It’s the Age of Exploration, and you’ll be exploring as you’re washed up on a fictitious island named Aeternum. You’ve been tasked with populating this wild, cursed place, and you must figure out what’s causing the rot that’s seeped into every corner of the island. You’ll also have the opportunity to establish a name for yourself in this deserted wilderness as you (and others) labor to build new communities and monuments. It’s rather standard MMO material, but it does create the basis for some fascinating RPG features if you want to go deep.

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Character Customization

What’s even better is that you’re not limited to a specific sort of weapon or skill set because you selected the wrong class at the start. You can choose to wield a sword or to respec your talents and become a magic user. You aren’t tethered to any one persona, which puts New World ahead of the pack in a variety of ways. You may create a second character to explore with, but you can also quickly adjust the stats and specialties of your primary avatar.

This type of open-ended customization is present throughout the game. You may join one of three factions, become a homeowner in one of Aeternum’s communities, and participate in New World’s optional PvP hijinks. You are never compelled to play with others. However, if you so want, you may engage in faction missions and full-fledged warfare for control of certain areas of the world. You may even fly solo while speaking with buddies via proximity chat. Aeternum can be explored in parties of up to five explorers. The sense of community is reminiscent of games like Sea of Thieves. It’s incredibly refreshing because you’re all there to work for a shared objective.

Currently, New World has no mounts, so you’ll have to use fast travel or journey on foot. Neither offers a very fast option. However, things are bound to change soon. But it still feels inconvenient to invest so much time rather than grinding for resources.

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If you’ve ever played a survival game in which you have to acquire food and gear to live each night, then New World will feel like at home. You may begin exploring immediately after establishing your character (and selecting from some of the worst haircut options I’ve ever seen in a game). That means gathering wood, flint, and other materials you’ll need to survive in this harsh environment.

New World is all about forging your own path, from constructing your first wobbly wooden weapon to salvaging ripped clothes from foes as you progress toward civilization. You’ll also fight your way through meadows, woods, villages, shipwrecks, cliffsides, riverbeds, and just about every other type of scenery you can think of. Repeating these chores, creating, attacking, and gathering, feels like a well-balanced waltz. It’s a good thing the gaming cycle never gets boring.

The combat in New World is quick, fluid, and responsive. Most significantly, everything happens in real time, so you may choose whether to flee from zombie-like Corrupted beasts or pursue a fleeing rabbit. When you swing your sword or axe, it seems as though it’s genuinely impacting with an adversary rather than clashing with air, as it does in some other MMOs. Similar to Devil May Cry or any swordplay-centric action game, you construct combinations with the skills you unleash. It feels fantastic to click on foes to swing your weapon, throw a spell, or fire arrows. There’s no sitting around waiting for your attacks to land. When you get a kill, you feel a rush of satisfaction.


Amazon outdid itself with its first true game release. New World is not just approachable and interesting; it’s also a lot of fun to play. This MMO has the sense of a small-scale, single-player crafting experience, with a dash of PvP thrown in for good measure. Play for an hour and watch as it miraculously multiplies to two. Watch as a few hours turn into a whole weekend.

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