This issue has become a controversy among ladies these days. But depending on whatever your tradition is, will determine which finger you’ll wear your engagement ring on.

For example in America, the wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left hand but, in Europe it is worn on the right hand.

Meanwhile old belief traditionalists believe that there’s a vein running down your left arm into your finger from your heart. So, since your heart is on the left side of the body, placing your wedding/engagement rind on the 4th finger of the left hand would help ensure a stronger marriage as it supposedly connects to the heart. 

However, some school of thought have stuck to their opinion that the left hand and the left ring finger is the same place you wear both your wedding ring and engagement rings.

If you support wearing it on your left hand, sometimes you’d noticed your rings may be bigger than either your 3rd or 4th right fingers. So, you could wear them on your right hand as the right hand fingers have been discovered to be fatter than those on the left hand.

Some people wear it on the left hand to signify intention of marriage. Others believe that the only ring that goes there is the actual wedding ring so they use the right hand. Either will work, but socially, almost everybody wears a ring on the right hand so it’s more significant and quickly recognized as such on the left. 

Now, either you want to wear it on the right hand or on the left hand, which exact finger do you wear your engagement ring?

Yes, you can wear it on any finger you wish. It became a tradition to wear it on the fourth finger because the Greeks believed that it leads directly to the heart. 

Most  US celebrities wear the engagement ring on the 4th finger on the left hand but here in Nigeria, we find that most ladies prefer to wear it on the 3rd finger on the left hand. Then after marriage, they transfer both the engagement and wedding rings to the 4th finger on the left hand. 

If you are a southpaw(you use you left hand for almost everything you do), it’s best to wear it on your right hand.  

Meanwhile, since traditional Africans didn’t wear rings during their own time, Western countries of the world wear both engagement/wedding  rings on the 4th finger on the left hand.

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