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In Every One Minute Something is Produced in China

Screenshot of short video series “China in one minute”
Screenshot of short video series “China in one minute”

In one minute in China, 55 vehicles are manufactured, goods worth 52.88 million yuan ($ 8.34 million) are traded, 157 million yuan ($ 24.8 million) in GDP is created…These achievements are on an answer sheet China presented to the world.

The answer sheet, a comprehensive manifestation of China’s achievements in various fields, was unveiled in the “China in one minute” short video series made by People’s Daily, the country’s largest daily newspaper.

The first episode of the short video series, “Moving at warp speed”, aired on 5th March, tells the changes happen in one minute in China in technological innovation and some other areas.

In one minute, 33 babies are born, 20 new families are started, 26 people secure new jobs and 35,217 tourists travel, the video tells.

China allows two children for all couples, according to a communiqué issued after the 5th plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

China is now home to a population of 1.39 billion, according to the figure announced by the National Bureau of Statistics of China in February. From the birth control policy to the second-child policy, China is focusing more on improving quality of its population and achieving balanced population growth.

In one minute, 46,804G of mobile data is used, 10.43 million yuan ($ 165 million) online retail sales are made, couriers receive and deliver 76,000 parcels, and mobile transactions worth 379 million yuan ($ 60 million) are made in China, the video further shows.

Online shopping now accounts for more than 10 percent of the country’s total volume of retail sales, exceeding that of developed countries such as the US and European countries, People’s Daily reported. In 2020, that ratio is predicted to surpass 50 percent.

In one minute, the Jiaolong submersible descends 50 meters at most, a Fuxing bullet train travels 5,833 meters, the Sunway Taihu Light supercomputer processes7500000 trillion calculations and 3.33 million yuan ($ 0.53 million) is invested in research, the video discloses.

Labeling innovation as the primary driving force behind development, the Chinese government, since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, has devoted great energy to implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and issued a national strategy outline in this regard.

Thanks to those efforts, major advances have been made in science and technology, such as manned space program, lunar probe, the test flight of the airliner C919, the commissioning of the deep-sea manned submersible Jiaolong and the quantum science satellite Mozi.

The Global Innovation Index 2017 released in Geneva placed China in the 22nd position, making it the only middle-income country to join the world’s top 25 innovative economies.

By Huan Xiang

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