In the NPP, who is your preferred candidate for 2024?

Npp Presidential Aspirants For
Npp Presidential Aspirants For

At the end of the day, the NDC has peacefully and successfully elected their Presidential and most of their Parliamentary candidates for Elections 2024. NDC is all but set for the do or die battle ahead of them.

When John Mahama was busy convincing the NDC members to vote massively for him, the NPP was asking him to name just one policy he will introduce when he becomes the President. When OB of Asempa FM, told Nana B that he said he will cut down on expenses and reduce the number of Ministers and the Staff at the Jubilee House, Nana B quickly jumped in and said he can’t do it.

You see the emptiness of the NPP? This is why I want to devote this article to what their Presidential candidates are saying on the campaign trail.

*Alan Kyeremanteng* Alan is saying that the government of Nana Addo/Dr. Bawumiah has made it difficult for them to craft a message for the campaign. In other words, whatever he intends to say has the negative impact on his message. He can’t talk about the size of government, Health Care, Education, Economy, Agriculture etc.

*Dr. Bawumiah* The funny thing about Dr. Bawumiah’s message is that he praises Nana Addo as the best president in this forth republic and then turns around and say he is best candidate to fix this dead economy. One of the confused candidates in the race is Dr. Bawumiah. Right now, he doesn’t know if he should run on Nana Addo’s record or Kuffour’s record or his own record. His record as the head of the Economic Management Team has a very bad smell.

*Kennedy Agyapong* Ken’s main message is that those who took us to IMF cannot lead the party and the country. He is selling himself as an outsider, who has got nothing to do with the corruption, incompetence and all the nonsense that is going on in the government. Ken doesn’t want to have anything to do with his past, when he had not decided to run as a presidential candidate. People who know about Ken’s past will never vote him to lead the NPP. If the people who he described as fools will vote for him to lead them, what can I say about that?

*Kwabena Agyepong* Kobby is also running as an outsider and pissing-in. He is completely running away from Nana Addo/Dr. Bawumiah’s record. He occasionally steals Kuffour’s record but stops when he sees that he is not making any sense out of it. All the records of Kuffour he wants to use, has already been used by Nana Addo. He is therefore selling himself as an old feller, who has sacrificed so much for the party. He is relying on sympathy votes to lead the party and not that he is competent to be the President.

*Owusu Afriyie Akoto* Doc is selling himself as the best Agriculture Minister in Ghana. He is emphatically saying it is only Agric that can bring economic recovery to Ghana and not digitization as Dr. Bawumiah wants Ghanaians to believe. He tries to tell Ghanaians that Nana Addo/Bawumiah’s government has failed and then he quickly remembers that he was part of it until 2023. He is also counting on the farmers he worked with when he was their Minister. He has nothing to lose because he wants to be the President, so he can be the flag bearer of the NPP.

*Other Candidates* Little is being seen or heard from the other candidates. There are five of them. This is all because of what Alan said. They have no message. They have no records to run on and they themselves have no record of their own.

All things being equal, it is a done deal for the NDC. The only thing that can deprive the NDC of total victory is, if they make a mistake and take their eyes off the ball on December 6 and 7, as they did in 2016 and 2020. I have said it.

Mahama reba.

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