In The Pot Of Lies: The African Media And Government

Media in Ghana
Media in Ghana

They are still at it o? I thought things would take a positive turn but rather sadly, it is only getting worse. I believe some people failed to make any positive new year?s resolutions. We are still being deceived.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article challenging us all to get involved in the things that concern us; ?The Passive Ghanaian: The need for a focus group?. In this article, I admonished us all to show interest in all that goes on around us notably what our governments claim to be doing for us. I believe that most of us are not doing our homework, whiles our news media, our partners in ensuring accountability in governance, keep failing us. For this reason, the charade continues.

I particularly hate watching our local news, because embedded in its core, are scripts of falsehood. Yes, on the television, we are told that all kinds of projects are being initiated and executed. In our various offices, at our various workplaces, especially in the public sector however, we all know the truth. Nothing is being done! Most government workers receive information on what is happening at their workplaces, on the news! Yes, it is news, because we have never heard of it. It is news because they are fabrications! That is how deceit is built and propagated.

We are told that projects are on-going. We are shown pictures! We watch documentaries and other news feeds and get excited. We are even given brochures and then we tell ourselves; oh, the country is doing great! Only to realize later on that, they are all lies. Our talented video editors and graphic designers are testimonies to the world of deceit in the form of video or photo editing. Rather sadly, our various news media are partakers in this act of betrayal. We see projects being commissioned, and yet, they are not even close to completion. Most of these projects lay abandoned at the various sites. Of course, the pictures are usually subjected to editing or are taken elsewhere.

This is the story of Africa! That is the story of the African! We only believe what we read or see on our screens, but like movies, people are only acting based on powerfully written scripts and camera tricks! Yes, this world itself is a huge stage, and us all, actors. We only play our various roles, take the applause, and then, bow out! The realities however, are on the ground! They are in our towns and villages; in our localities. They stare us in the face all the time, and yet, we do nothing.

We know the minister is telling a blatant lie, by making claims to certain projects. In truth, they have not even been proposed. We are told that certain structures are near completion, but truth, they lie abandoned at the sites. We are told that some logistics have been distributed to our communities, when all is nonexistent. ?We are told that jobs have been created, and yet in our localities, we are still unemployed. Where are those jobs? Each year, workers in this country go on strike, and yet each year, there is the usual talk of negotiations, promises of which are never kept. Disbursements of funds are often delayed because someone is profiting from the delay. We know the truth, and yet prefer to remain silent.

Who do we talk to, in trying to reveal such conspiracies? The best tool would be our news media but again, they are the very tool being used to propagate such fallacies. They have become the vehicles of propaganda! In our mundane politics, the opposition would have been the best tool, but of course, in their debates, it is the reign of trivialities. We trivialize everything through our cheap political debates. The one who seeks to uphold the truth falls prey to cheap propaganda. For these reasons, no one takes anything or anyone serious.

In making reportage, our media are most often dictated to, as to what is to be reported. This is common among governments. And so, our reporters keep lying to us. We are being fed with lies. Ghana needs frank or candid journalism, and journalists, who would give clear pictures or true images, and not necessarily what someone would conveniently want to be reported. Failure to do so is a betrayal of the trust of the people of this nation.

As Ghanaians, our taxes fund the national agenda. Rather sadly, these monies are being misused and mismanaged. As citizens, it is our responsibility to probe into such fictitious dealings. We have to keep our governments in check. Until we take charge of this nation and her affairs, our elected leaders would keep squandering our wealth and resources. Let us not sit in the comfort of our homes and listen to the deceit being concocted by our leadership, but rather take a keener interest in the affairs of this nation, by getting ourselves involved. Our politicians keep lying to us because Ghanaians endorse the lies each day; Ghanaians say or do nothing about it!

Anna Esi Hanson (,

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