From his early schooling years, author Nyamayabo Mashavakure has always been fascinated with religion in general and biblical studies in particular. For him, it tends to be everything that humanity wants to be and everything that humanity and its life can be. ?Prophetic Figures of the Old Testament? (published by AuthorHouse UK) will encourage readers to think beyond what they read and inspire beginning learners of divinity.


In ?Prophetic Figures of the Old Testament,? readers are invited to interrogate the relationship of the prophet with his environment in order to enjoy more fully the religious, historical, political, intellectual, and inspirational aspects one goes through in respect of the many issues that has been selected and commented on. The book considers, analyses and exemplifies prophecy in terms of persons, actions, occurrences, objects and places in whom and through whom the phenomenon seems more fully expressed and more meaningfully represented. This is mainly centered on the Old Testament of the bible with the occasional reference to the New Testament.

?There is probably no better point to start writing about religion and biblical studies than the incidence of prophecy,? Mashavakure says. ?Many people are enthralled by the prophet concept and it may not be a bad idea to wander about it in the bible, having a taste of what persons originally associated with the name went through.?


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