Inconsistently Inconsistent Inconsistency Of Kwesi Pratt


I was on my way to Accra from the Central Region on Monday, 8th October, 2012, and was listening to BBC on my mobile phone. It was a magazine programme called ?Witness? which always deals with topical events of the past. That edition of the programme was about hijacking of an Italian cruise-liner ?The  Achille Lauro? by Muhammad Ahmad Fahd Abbas-led Palestinian splinter terrorist group on 8th October,1985, during which Leon Klinghoffer, a wheel-chair-bound retired 69-year-old Jewish-American businessman, was shot and pushed into the sea from the ninth deck of the cruise-liner.

Now, when I got home and wanted to do some research on the incident in order to get a better insight into who the victim really was, I had unfortunately forgotten the name. So, I simply went to Google, keyed into the search engine ?the wheel-chair-bound-Jewish-American pushed off the deck of a hijacked cruise-liner?, and presto, the name popped up!!!

I decided to cite this example to cement the fact that, in this day of information super-highway (the internet), it will be highly criminal for anybody who has had the privilege of basic education to allow himself/herself to be hoodwinked by senseless noise-making charlatans whose only motivation is in the area of satisfying their voracious greed.

I have followed exploits of some individual commentators on our nation?s political landscape for some time now, and a careful study of their pattern of arguments and line of logic at different times has got me seriously thinking. And this is where I have always had the cause to pick issue with most programme hosts on our media landscape. We all hear the plain insults Kwesi Pratt and his like-minded bigots spew on those who don?t share their crass bigotry on Radio Gold?s ?Alhaji-Alhaji? programme on Saturdays; yet, they turn round to put on garments of heavenly angels on other networks.

Now, what these presenters of programmes as ?Kokrokoo? must do is to be bold and point out to Kwesi Pratt, who engages in pure verbal flatulence on a particular network, and then behave as an angel on their programmes, that careless talk on a given media outlet amounts to careless talk on all media outlets. But what we often hear from some programme hosts is that since those who appear on their programmes do the insults somewhere else, it doesn?t really matter to them.

Kwesi Pratt, who I will fittingly describe as a journalistic runaway-horse whose line of thinking and analysis of issues continue to be light-years away from the norm, is obviously a reservoir of naked hypocrisy with intent to cover up wrongdoings for personal gains.

A personality, who under the Kufuor administration saw absolutely nothing good with the system because he claimed it was his duty as a journalist to rather focus his ?nkwan deewa? spotlight on wrongdoings by political office holders because they are the ones controlling our taxes, is today singing a completely different tune at different angles of his highly unstable lips.

On 10th October, 2012 edition of ?Good Morning Ghana? on Metro-TV, Kwesi Pratt openly accepted the fact that ?borrowing by a nation is not a bad thing? when matters of massive borrowing by the current NDC administration came up for discussion.  Meanwhile, this very same person was making highly ear-piercing noise against external borrowing during the Kufuor administration on the account that Ghana is endowed with everything a nation needs to develop to the point where citizens can actually enjoy everything for free.

Again, during 12th October, 2012 edition of Peace FM?s ?Kokrokoo? programme, Kwesi Pratt desperately tried pouring cold water on Nana Addo?s meeting with Rawlings by describing it as an act of transient opportunism. However, it is this very same Kwesi ?nkwan deewa? Pratt who, during Kufuor administration, used to embark on frequent visits to Rawlings? Ridge Residence to confer with him over gargantuan sumptuous meals, where Rawlings even described him as the ?most credible journalist? in Ghana.

Obviously, Kwesi was given that accolade as a result of constant scrutiny of then sitting government. Activities of vociferous CJA, which Rawlings was always used as sole center of attraction, have now come to a complete halt and petrol price increase that used to bring about massive street agitations have now been given a blank cheque. Today, when there is an announcement of petrol price increase, the now well-fed leaders of comatose CJA, led by Kwesi Pratt, simply embark on well-choreographed voyage to the seat of government and sit down with the president to dialogue over highly sumptuous array of well-balanced meals.

Now, following Nana Addo?s announcement of a free SHS education policy, Kwesi Pratt and his journalistic charlatans have been shouting over the roof-tops that this can?t be actualized because there is no money. Ironically, this self-acclaimed pan-Africanist and pseudo-socialist who has always advocated for a grandiose and highly illusionist project of ?African unity now?, is the very same person shouting himself hoarse, to the point of risking epileptic fit, that a policy of free SHS education can only be possible in the next 20 years after Ghana?s standard of infrastructure has been elevated to that of Dubai.

But unknown to even their very own followers, children of these plain-faced hypocrites, including that of Kwesi Pratt, are currently being highly educated in the fields of Medicine, Law etc. in universities of western nations as Britain and America at prohibitively exorbitant rates.

At the NDC 2012 manifesto launch in Ho, John Mahama promised to build 10 more Colleges of Education (CoE) to augment teacher quality deficits, by opening more avenues for youth to enroll in CoE. Meanwhile, all 36 CoEs are currently operating at 50% below capacity due to an admission embargo imposed by Ministry of Education as a result of an IMF prescription to reduce wages in the public sector, especially in the education sector where teacher trainees are paid allowances every month.

So, knowing very well that existing CoEs can easily train 18,000 (500 admissions each year) instead of the current 8,000, why is it necessary to build 10 more? Will the building of these 10 new CoEs still not be affected by the IMF wage cap conditionality that limits admissions into CoEs? Indeed, this is an administration Kwesi Pratt is defending with every single sinew in his body; yet, he was vehemently against the concept of having anything to do with these Bretton Wood institutions, during the Kufuor administration because their policy alternatives, which always come with conditionalities, have always proven to be counter-productive.

I once listened to Kofi Adams, Rawlings? spokesperson when he told a story of how his boss managed to take the lead to Tain for the run-off in 2008, without the knowledge of the party?s campaign security set-up. The fact that NDC won the 2008 election with just 35,000 votes, even with full support of their magical election machine Jerry Rawlings, is a clear indication that they can easily return to opposition where they actually belong.

However, a character as Kwesi Pratt, who profess to belong to CPP but has purest form of NDC blood running through his veins, claims Rawlings has now become completely irrelevant in the NDC?s scheme of affairs, forgetting that Ghana has 25,000 polling stations so even if Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings? NDP, with full backing of her charismatic husband Rawlings, is able to reduce NDC votes by just two at each polling station, it will work out to 50,000 votes which will wipe-out the margin with which NDC won in 2008.

Now, the Polytechnic Act; Act 745 of 2007, empowered Ghana?s Polytechnics to offer degree programmes. Consequently, institutions as Kumasi, Accra, Koforidua, Takoradi and Ho polytechnics have been offering degree programmes since then. However, John Mahama says if given the mandate, which I know will never happen, he will convert ?all polytechnics into degree awarding institutions?.

And for Kwesi Pratt to ditch his so-called principle of holding political office holders to account, and rather audaciously, projecting a totally muddled John Mahama whose thought processes are obviously clouded by other personal desires and therefore does not deserve the office of an elected president, clearly proves the point that indeed, Kwesi Pratt and brazen inconsistently inconsistent inconsistency are just like conjoined twins sharing same vital organs as brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver and a spleen; make an attempt to separate them through a surgical operation and none of them will survive!!!


By Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

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